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I’m back to life. Technically, I was never in life. I mean I was in life. The only time I time I was in life is when I was in university and I was actually enjoying life through a world of unspeakable pleasures: good theoretical literature and good company. But that ended as soon as it started. Now, I’m in the sidewalk with many other people looking at the cars (specifically at the Bentleys , the Mercedes,  the Maseratis …etc) pass by and walking slower than a snail.

Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a sad post. In order to write a sad post you’d have to be sad but I’m immune to what’s going on. I’m beginning to accept life as it is. A slow pace of misfortunes and no can do(s). I understood that your dreams can not be fulfilled unless you have a fortune cookie with your name written in it when it’s cracked or for a better luck, have your name with a hundred titles before it.

Oh, well. Meh.

So, currently I have a desk governmental job. I am an Academic Advisor…tsk tsk. Usually, I finish work at the early  and then I just sit wait if someone comes to ask me stuff or to finish paperwork and so on (bureaucratic shit basically) and I catch up on reading or (starting now) catch up with blogging. It’s an okay job. It pays and gives you a sense of liberation (somehow… like in a superficial sense) but that is. I made quite a good company here. A girl who I knew from uni but did not create a bound with her until now. She is sweet and she is amazing. Shout out to you Munira!!

I’m still trying on life. I’m not giving up but this time it’s on a slower pace and with very little to zero hope in the process of “happening”.

What else?

Oh yeah! notice something? I ditched “Esperanza Writes” I think by now I’ve grown out of it and I need something that attaches my “I” into it, hence, “Norawithletters” just like my Instagram . My name now exists in the realm of my blogging zone! Yaaay?

On an end note, be safe. Life is what life is meant to be. الحمدالله على كل حال.

Screwed and beyond



For the past couple of years I’ve had developed this weird habit of collecting receipts. It is not that I had planned it, it just happened like this. You know how you find a pile of receipts gathered in your wallet or purse? Well, I just happened to reposition those into a drawer of mine until it became a habit.

I always knew subconsciously that I would do some kind of art project with it I just didn’t know what.

In our “Globalization and Global culture” class we took a novel called “The Committee” by an Egyptian writer called Sun’Allah Ibrahim. We immediately fell in love with the story. It is so powerful in an agonizing way. His kafkaesque style is very grabbling and mind blowing.

With no spoilers here: the story speaks about a globalized arab world in which it is controlled by a force to consume. The story specifically strikes you by it very closing line:

Then I lifted my wounded arm to my mouth and began to consume myself

In class we have argued the translation of the world “Akalt” into consume. Where the translation we’ve read says “consume” another translation says “eat”. My doctor said that “eat” makes more sense but I have arguably made my statement that “consume” is more powerful and meaningful. When one consume it ticks every sense of disposing, and usually it ends with waste of the act consume. But that is only my opinion you can always beg to differ with your opinion.

With that amazing class we came, my friends and I, to discuss my collection of receipts and what kind of art project should I do with them. They suggested that I should connect it to “The Committee”. I loved the idea that I wanted to apply it to the closing line of the book.

Since then I left the idea on the shelf. Until one day I listened to Bastille’s “Pompeii” song and I thought it had so much relevance to the idea. Especially with the verses:

And the walls kept tumbling down
In the city that we love

With that I got enthusiastic and decided to do it right away.

With that I might as well say: Enjoy the video!

-Esperanza Writes

P.S: Excuse my pajamas :p :’D


I had a dream.

I cannot remember the dream that well but there is a precise incident that kept me going. In the dream I was having a conversation with my friend. She was saying something that I do not remember now but when she finished her point I got up and said “Your words inspired me. I’m going to write a blog post now”. The dream ended at that. I don’t remember how and on what did she inspire me with I just know that I grew frustrated that I lost this source of inspiration once I opened my eye. I thought that I need this “inspiration”. I have been numb for a while I need something to dazzle with.


Isn’t what we all need. Forget food being the source of life. Forget that we need to breathe in order to live. Forget senses. Forget everything. Inspiration is the reason for our liveliness. Without inspiration we are like zombies with heartbeats. 

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My graduate self

I remember when I was excited about everything and anything. I remember when I would be enthusiastic about a sparkle in my head. I use to be a lot of things. This did not go entirely away, but must I say that in some parts it did evolve, became a better version, more knowledgeable and enlightened. But in other parts it just died.

A quick recap. I graduated. I am officially a KU graduate majoring in English Literature and minoring in Comparative Literature. At this point my occupation in this world is the girl behind the screen. Stays up all night and watches 

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Bear My Thoughts (Pun Intended)

I have disappeared the past couple of months into a vacuum. However, I have not disappeared because of nothing but because all my energy has been focused on writing essays for my subjects on a weekly basis and whenever I got free time I would prefer spending it with putting my brains on a snooze mode.

Here, I am finally free (technically I was free a week ago) and I am in a holiday. It has been hectic trying to pull in everything I missed on out since the semester has started and doing the things that I love. Like watching movies where during the course I have alternated it with YouTube videos just to spare the time- because I could not just simply sit down and watch a movie for a period of time (even though I did it on rare basis). Reading, I miss reading outside materials that does not involve anything related to college, every time I attempt to pick a book a find myself not having time to read it and read college material- or feeling guilty that I am not reading the “suppose to read” stuff on the price of “self enjoyment” material. Add to that, writing outside stuff like writing this post- or simply just pouring my thoughts without thinking twice about what I should be or should not be writing and how “formal” the essay should be. Or that it should be flawless of grammatical errors (which will you be seeing a lot in this blog because I do not revise twice upon the post I have written- it is informal and I’m free to speak hence, no grading) just to be to the point and valid with the points I’m stating. It is kind of frustrating at times especially when each doctor had his/her own way of approving which is a good essay and which is not.

Lastly, hibernating- yes like a bear.

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كاذبة أصبحت كاتبة

كتابها الثاني قد نشر، و ها هي تحصد النجاح للمرة الثانية، و تنال إعجاب الناس…  مدحهم لها يكاد يكون سببا ً لتلقب نفسها ب”الملاك الذي يمشي على الأرض” …هل تستحق كل هذا؟ هل تستحق كل هذا و أنا أدرى بماهية هذه الكاتبة؟

قبل عام ٍ و نصف تقريبا ً، كانت تربطني علاقة صداقة قوية بهذه الكاتبة…اعتبرتها أختا ً لي…أحببتها بشدة… و هي كانت تبادلني نفس المشاعر….على حد قولها.. لا أنكر بأنها أظهرت لي حبها من خلا بعض كلامها و تصرفاتها…و لكني لا أعلم إن كانت حقيقة أو محض تمثيل؛ فقد أصبح الشك ينتابني بكل ما مررنا به خلال صداقتنا التي استمرت عامين تقريبا ً.

لا أنكر بأني أشتاق لبعض الأمور قي تلك العلاقة…و لا أنكر أني أتمنى لو أن ما فرقنا من تصرفاتٍ و أكاذيب لم يكن موجودا ً…لا أنكر أني أتمنى أن استرجعها كصديقة لي…لا أنكر أني مازلت أكن لها بعض الحب بالرغم من نفوري الشديد منها بعد كل ما حدث و بعد كل ما سببته لي من أذى ً يستمر جرحه بالنزيف كل ما استرجعت ذكريات الماضي.

أحببتها فقدمت لها النصح و الإرشاد…أحببتها فكنت لها كالمرآة التي لا تظهر سوى الحقيقة…أحببتها فعاتبتها…أحببتها فقدمت الدعم لها و عززت ثقتها بنفسها و أعنتها على فعل الصواب بتشجيعي الدائم لها…. أحببتها فخذلتني، طعنتني في ظهري، قالت الأكاذيب و أوهمتني أنها الحقائق ، زعزعت ما تبقى من ثقتي بنفسي، و ضعتني في مواقف محرجة ، و قالت لأ ُناس ٍ لا يعرفون سوى اسمي أموراً قد لا تمد للحقيقة بصلة، و ليومي هذا و أنا أحاول أن أكتشف ماذا قالت و لمن قالته و ماذا كان الهدف من ورائه…

أكاذيبها و أقوالها سببا لي الأذى النفسي، العقلي و الجسدي…كنت دائما ما أصاب بالمرض، و تزول ابتسامتي عن و جهي مسببة ً الحيرة لدى صديقاتي و حتى أساتذتي عن سبب غياب تلك الابتسامة التي عُرفت بامتلاكها طوال الوقت…. ذهني كان شاردا ً؛فبدأت درجاتي بالتدهور و نشاطي في الفصل قد قل وكان معدوما ً في بعض الأحيان… اعتقدت أن هنالك شي ٌ يسبب لي كل هذا…مرض ٌ ربما… و لكني لم أدرك أن سبب تغير حالي كان بجانبي طوال الوقت …. لا عجب بأن الأذى لم يزل عني إلا عندما افترقت عنها وقطعت علاقتي بها نهائيا.

صديقتي هي عدوتي و أنا لم أدرك ذلك إلا بعد أن نفذت قوتي و بات من المستحيل أن أتحمل المزيد من الأذى.

في الحقيقة، و منذ بداية علاقتنا، كنت دائما أشعر بعدم الارتياح اتجاه بعض أقوالها و أفعالها و أشعر بأنها تخبئ شيئا ما، و لم أكن أعلم آنذاك بأن ما تخبئه كانت حقيقتها التي كانت تزيفها بطرق ابتكرتها و لا تزال تستخدمها…. شككت بها منذ البداية، و لكن من حبي لها توارى لي أن سبب شكوكي قد يكون بفعل الشيطان… الشيطان الذي لا يتحمل رؤية علاقة متينة كتلك التي كانت لدينا…. فكنت أعتقد بأنه يوسوس لي حتى أنهي صداقتنا، فأصبحت ألوم نفسي على ما كان ينتابني من أفكار ٍ شيطانية، فكرهت نفسي لشكي بمن اعتبرتها أختي…كرهت نفسي فغضضت النظر عما كانت تقول و تفعل…كنت أكبت غضبي بداخلي و لا أخبرها كم منزعجةٌ أنا منها.. اعتقادا ً مني أن شيطاني هو السبب وراء كل ما كنت أختبره من أفكار ٍ و مشاعر سلبية.

بعد عامين تقريبا ً ، و بعد شكوك ٍ راودتني معظم الوقت، انكشفت الحقائق… انكشفت الحقائق بعد ما أصبح من المستحيل أن تُخبئ أكثر.

أكاذيبها لم تعد تتماشى مع بعضها من كثرتهم، و بات من هم حولي يكشفون حقائق كانوا يعرفونها ولكنهم تجنبوا إخباري بها خوفا ً من أن يكون فعلهم هذا سبب افتراقنا فيلاموا هم على ما آلت إليه هذه الصداقة.

لم أكن أبحث عن الحقائق… الحقائق جاءت لي و اتضحت بعض الأمور فتوقفت بالشعور بالذنب لشكي بها، و طفح كيلي و صببت بغضبي المكتوم عليها… غضب ٌ كتمته لمدة عامين و لكن اختصرت وصفي لها و لما فعلته… فنعتها بالكاذبة… طبعا ً بالإضافة إلى أشياء قاسية قد قلتها.. و لكني لم أندم.. فهي تستحق ما هو أكثر من ذالك..

افترقنا و ذهبت كل واحدةٍ منا إلى طريقها.. تحسنت حالتي، و لكن مازلت في بحث دائم عن أجوبةٍ لبعض الأسئلة التي مازالت تشغل بالي و تراودني بين كل حين …

كل ٌ منا في سبيله.. و ها هي اليوم ابتكرت قصة جديدة لجذب عيون الناس و اهتمامهم لها… مدعية ً أنها تغيرت و أصبحت إنسانة أفضل بكثير مما كانت عليه سابقا ً… و ها هم الناس يصدقونها و ينخدعون بجمالها الذي لا طالما استخدمته كوسيلة للفت الأنظار إليها… و لأكون صادقة ، أنا أيضا ً خُدعت بجمالها و ما صاحبه من تصرفات ً اعتبرتها مهذبة، و لكن كان كله كذب… كلُ شيئ ٍ كان زائفا ً..

دعم الناس و مدحهم لها مستمرٌ نتيجة انخداعهم بالأقوال و المظاهر الخارجية، و لكن ما يحيرني هو سؤالٌ واحد : هل وصلت السذاجة لدى الناس إلى حد ٍ يمنعهم من محاولة رؤية ما ورآء الستار؟…….. ألا يرون أنه من غير المنطقي أن يتمتع إنسان ٌ بكمال ٍ يدّعيه بمظهر أو بقول ٍ أو بفعل ٍ غيرُ مباشر؟ ألا يشعرون بأن هنالك خطب ٌ ما؟ ألهذه الدرجة أصبحت عقولوهم تفكر بسطحية ٍ مطلقة؟

للأسف الشديد هذا ما آل إليه الحال في جيلنا و نتيجة لذالك رُفع شأن و قدر من هو جديرٌ أن ينحط قيمته لدى الناس، و من يستحقون ما حصلت عليه كاتبتنا من مدح ٍ و إعلاءٍ للشأن ضُرب بهم عرض الحائط و بعضهم لم يُعترف بوجودهم فأصبحوا نكرة.

كم كن المؤسف أن نرى من يسلكون الطرق الخاطئة يحققون النجاح و الشهرة بينما من لا يمشون سوى على طريق الصواب يُنكر وجودهم و لا يتم البحث عنهم لتقديرهم.

هذا ما آل إليه مجتمعما من حال…و نتيجة ً لوضعنا هذا… كاذبة أصبحت كاتبة….


Push the Buttons

It has been a while I know, but what can I say? College? Loads of papers and essays? stress over stress? Never mind that. However, do mind that I came to write here today for a reason. Yet the reason will remain until the latter. I’m not sure if the theory that I’m going to mention in a bit have came around in your life but the concept sure will sound familiar (although I’m pretty sure the way I’m going to explain it is somehow different).

You know when you are waiting for an elevator, you standing on the ground floor and the elevator is on the thirty second perhaps and you are pushing the buttons. Pushing, and anticipating it coming, and waiting and waiting for it to come but it so taking a damn long time. It is stopping on every floor and you are waiting. You wish you could go up the stairs but by the time you will get to the floor you are aiming for you will be out of breathe. So, you wait– impatiently-  you keep pushing and pushing the buttons, both those going up and down, as if by doing that you are making it come faster. And then when it finally arrives, it opens in a fast speed and people crammed inside just get out and semi-step on your feet and semi-trips you and by the time the people are all gone you manage to stand right outside the elevator and you see it’s empty from the inside. While, you lift your foot to step inside, the elevator closes and it goes up without waiting for you. Just like that it shunned you.

That elevator is that bottled up person, filled with all those emotions and you are the one who just keep pushing the buttons. The person is filled and filled, it exploded and now it is empty. The feelings turned out from everything to nothingness.

It hurts to be this person. So lost. So filled. So bottled. and So empty. Yet, no matter how you shun that person out of the elevator, that person will keep pushing the buttons until it is allowed. Because that person finds life more beautiful, easier, better with the elevator. And no matter what you do that person will be waiting until you give in and allow that person to be in. Me into your heart. No matter what you will do and how much you are through I will not leave you. No life is good without you.

I will keep nagging and nagging and pushing your buttons no matter how you try to shun me out of your emptiness.

Because a lot of things. Because you made me write this post for you which means you are dear. Because life is bitter without the sweet, which is you. Because I love you.

I do not know what is wrong, but allow me to listen.

Many loves,

Esperanza Writes