Writing OCD

I’ve read once that writing is an obsessive compulsive disorder and I thought to myself ” I couldn’t agree more”.  Ever since I slowed down in the writing procedure, mostly when I stopped blogging, I started suffering insomnia. Once I lay my head on the pillow thoughts after thoughts just piled over my head urging me to write them down. No sooner then a couple of hours of tossing and turning I give up trying to sleep. It is as if something came missing and things weren’t right once I stopped writing.

I now begin to write in this journel, which soon to be transferred into a “hopefully” a proffesional blog (this was written in a journel). While in the state of anxiety and insomnia being only slept two hours and forcing myself to not fall asleep right now in the middle of the day and letting the words lay down in here hoping this will give me the reward of a good night sleep.

Back to the main point. Clearly I have Writing OCD and I have to let it out. Here I am releasing my writings in this pages (blog). Showing my passion to the world. A one step forward.

So sit down and enjoy the ride.

                                                                                                                     -Esperanza Writes

Written: 11/9/2011

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