Esperanza (The Story) Introduction

I’ve Went through an experience maybe similar, although I doubt it, maybe as unique (as it is still sounds to me, for I’ve been told only one out of hundred face similar experiences).

My mom once or maybe twice urged me to write about it so did my high school teacher, who is so dear to my heart, made me promise to write about it. Both of them, my mom and teacher, know how much I’m attached to writing. For I always dreamed to be a writer. I always believed I could be one, Hopefully this is the first step to fulfill my dream.

Back to the main subject for I have drifted away a little. I too have promised myself to write this story not only because I am the protagonist and I know exactly what happened, but I also believe in motivating others by one’s experience. And if i wanted to write a story I might as well begin with how it started.

Forgive me please for my memory doesn’t serve me well these days, not amnesia not alzahamer but I like to call it “Omega 3 needed”. So I might have filled up a blank with an imagination of mines because of vague memory or things I thought I remembered as it is, or simply because I forgot.

I tell you one thing though 98% is true and the rest 2% is what my memory served me wrong at.

In this blog you will witness for the first time the true story of “Esperanza Writes”.

After this unnecessary introduction or maybe it is, shall we begin?

-Esperanza Writes

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