The “Snap Snap” of a Word

We all know that some words are as powerful as a bulldozer aimed straight to your head and we also know that other words are as ants to mother earth, unnoticeable but some way or another are necessary.

  Words also have the power of the “Snap, Snap”. I’m sure you are thinking what is this “Snap, Snap” power? It’s probably the first time you’ve heard of it. Well I could tell you one thing as the naming sounds unfamiliar I’m pretty sure the concept behind this theory I made up is massively familiar once I explain it further more.

  Whenever you read or hear the word “Chocolate” you might think of the color brown or maybe you might think of the sugar-ness of the chocolate and the delight it gives. You might think of something else too. It really depends on the experience you’ve been through with this word, but surely you don’t think of chocolate as just mere ‘chocolate”, as in senseless or meaningless. Think of any word and you’ll come to know that every word has a certain significance to it according to you and your experience in life.

  There is a study, not really sure of its case of accuracy, that says the human brain usually scans over the word and reads it according to the first and last letter. For example:

“Drae you raed tihs”

Notice that the arrangement of the letters are not right but nevertheless you managed to read it, right? It all is a wonder of the human brain I must say, which brings us to the mistakes that we go to as in mistaken a word for another word because of the “Snap of the word.

I once was eager to download some books in my kindle, so I searched for pdfs and according to the title I would download them and I would check the content later on. I found two titles with the word “erotic” on it and I thought “Oh that sounds interesting! Exotic as in supernatural and somewhat like that.” Little did I know that I was making a big BIG mistake. I downloaded them and I chose to read them later I mean way later and blog about what I downloaded instantly.

After a month or so when I checked the content of the files I was literally shocked and realised my mistake. I opened the dictionary and found out:

Exactly I made a unintentionally mistake that by just a “Snap” of a word. I quickly later on deleted the post feeling utterly embarrassed of what might my readers think about me hoping they didn’t understand the word.

Now I didn’t mention the word so you could search up the engine for erotic stories absolutely not! But I did mention it because there is a moral behind all this:

1. If you don’t know the meaning of a word look it up as easy as that.

2. People make mistakes they don’t know about put excuses for them even if the mistakes were so obvious, they may not find it as obvious as you see it.

3. We all have different interpretation give others a chance to show their own. Imagine if we all did.

-Esperanza Writes

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