A Warrior’s Heart

This is a bonus assignment for a course in English Literature. The assignment was to rewrite “The Wife’s Lament” , which is a poem written in the Anglo-Saxon’s time, in the husband or lover’s point of view. I went for the lover’s.  

   I lost the woman who I loved for a peace truce between the tribes. She was a peace-weaver to them and nothing else. Not really caring for how she will face the people there, who most probably loathed her because she came from our tribe, not caring for how lonely she is getting out there with people she didn’t know and a husband she never knew until that day. Most importantly not caring for the plans she had made for her future, all it went down the drain for her


   You see we, she and I, loved each other since our childhood. We used to play around the old folks and they would hush us to calm down, we on the other hand just continued on playing not caring one little bit. We used to play with the sand and build up our hut with it and claiming it to be our future home. Our little kids will be playing around it as we dream.

   So we grew together on this hope of marriage, until this day that came where the Chief of the tribe decided she would be the peace-weaver among all the girls in the tribe, among all the women she was chosen.

   That hurtful day came with a thousand knives stabbed to my heart, and hers too. She could not do anything about it and neither did I. If we object all we would bring is shame to this tribe and we could not live to be in exile.

    She went, taking my heart with her, ripped from my chest with a trail of deep red blood chasing after it. I swore after her I will not love and so I am with my word.

   I imagine my days with her every day. I am living a mirage that will never come true. Here is my son and here is my daughter playing around us. Until I hear a faint voice from far away calling me “Warrior! It is time for a battle.” I would rise to my feet putting on my emotionless mask and whispering to myself “I shall be back love, I shall be back.”


p.s: I took permission from the Doctor to post it  just in case.

Esperanza Writes-

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