Don’t Make them Answer You With a BLOW

 “I had to say something, and I could only say it with a blow, God help me!”

The previous is a quote from “Billy Budd” (originally a novel but then adapted to a play, opera, movie). It is known that the character “Billy” is more or less reflects an image of an “Angle of God”, he was pure, innocent, and a peace maker. Yet in the novel “Claggart”, a master-at-arms, in which he was reflected an image of a Lucifer (satan) who enjoys treating people unfairly. His main target after “Billy” joins his ship is seducing him or it’s more likely trapping him into mistakes so he would be in one way or a nother punished either by flogging or a much more crucial punishment,in an injustice way of course. He managed to accuse falsely of mutiny in front of the captain, pushed him to the limits, Billy unable to talk (a stuttering problem) he answered him with a blow, which lead him to killing Claggart, the master-at-arms.The novel may have portrayed evilness (Claggart) and goodness/purity (Billy) over the normality but we could easily relate.

We have a lot of good and pure people amongst us who would do anything for us, being there every time we need them, sacrificing their lives for us and we just neglect the fact that they are doing so. We keep pushing and pushing them to their limits until suddenly they become no longer the people that we once knew they turn from being “Billy” the noble boy to a vicious murder in which his acts are not explainable, but it is once you understand that:

They sacrificed everything for you and yet they are unappreciated.

They were there every time you needed them, but were you for them?

They heard you but did you ever hear them?

They gave you their time did you give them yours?

They may not be asking it from you but think of how many of them are out there who think they have no right to ask it.  You are nothing like Claggart he is just a satan in human clothes but we tend to neglect everything and only remember ourselves. You are just pushing people to their limits and once you do they tend to change to another person that you never knew and blow figuratively.

Be there for them before you make them blow. Life is about giving and taking. Listen to them and make it a much better world for all of us by these small acts we don’t think about.

-Esperanza Writes


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