Give Me Some Spotlight:GTC

Around two o’clock on Tuesday, 25th of October I was just leaving college and you know how the roads are at that time. School is over and everybody is rushing back home yet rushing means stuck in traffic. So I look around as usual waiting for the cars to move and I see this big green and white truck and I think to myself “Is this true?!” Am I really witnessing it?

It was in 2007 when the I was in 10th grade as I recall. My school was participating with Injaz (a competition started by Queen Rania {I think} to help students make their business). On the boy’s side they were some buzz on collecting newspapers. The most class who brings more papers gets to win a field trip of some sort. I could see classes participating aiming to win this (not our class though we were just so adorable ;p jk). Until the dead line.

That day I had to stay after school for a school play rehearsals and I heard voices outside in the playground and I could see them all counting and collecting them making major effort into this. They were persistence at it.

Later that year they won first place for the best business plan and idea, it was simple but yet effective and they are to go to Jordan for the Gulf competitors. They come back with the first prize-winning team trophy.

I couldn’t help but think to myself “Wow, I have witnessed all this. And now I can see their company’s truck right there in front of me!” They just grew and grew with hope and faith right out there fearing nothing and I can’t help but feel proud.

True I had nothing to with them, but I’m proud to see people achieving right out there and setting an example to those who wants to achieve. Afterall they are normal human beings and about my age the difference is that worked hard towards their dream.

I might as well leave it to this with a pause on  a sweet tune.

-Esperanza Writes

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