When Esperanza Writes Fails to Write

Part of choosing a study that I love is that I love almost every moment in class. You see I’m the kind of student who arrives 30 minutes early, sit in front of the class and when we are discussing I am the first to discuss the topic. When the class finishes I would be thinking “That was fun” and maybe if the discussion was so deep I would be thinking it over later on just so I could build up theories and such. I’m not kidding you. I’m particularly what they call the “nerd” in class girls would be asking me to explain for them whenever they are stuck and I would happily do it but that really all because I enjoy what I study, I chose a study that I knew will bring me amusement more than anything else.

That where my “nerd-sdom” ends. When it comes to homework and home studying I’m such a slacker, hell I even leave it to the very last-minute, and when I say last minutes I mean waking up sometimes extra early so I can do my homework due on the same day. You see my major enforces a lot of writings (reader responses, essays… etc) and when it comes to reinforced writings I just fail at it. I mean don’t get me wrong when it comes to free style writing they come to me like popping kernels on a movie night. It is pretty easy to me when it is not a duty or something like that. Ideas just come flowing and I actually have to jot them down in points so I don’t forget them, it comes naturally to me.
Homework is just a “blank” to me I need to be under pressure so I could finish them. I have this subject called “Research Writing in Literature” the course requires a lot of writing including a logbook (dairy) about the course and because of the slacker me I didn’t start it yet until yesterday and I’m panicking why? Because it’s due on Thursday. In the same subject we have a thesis statement we need to do (that will be the main point of the essay itself due on the final day) this thesis statement is due tomorrow. I’m finding a hard time writing it because even though it’s a one sentence it will determine the rest of your essay.
First I thought I wanted “Litotes” to be my main subject in my thesis statement, which I admit is really clever because I’m opening a new corner by relating hesitation to the whole story theme, in its stage direction, the dialogue, and the characters themselves but the whole essay has to rely on six, that’s right SIX secondary sources and as intellectual as the “litotes” sounds it is not going to be easy one bit. So, I go on searching still flirting with the idea of litotes, trying to find the best way to write my thesis statement and then I find it! Symbolism!! An online source shows how symbolism is used in the story and I think Hallelujah!! The opera, play, and novel are flooded with symbolism , hell even the character’s name are full of symbolism. Bless uncle Google!!!
Esperanza, changes her idea for the thesis statement but yet didn’t write it down because I’m finding a hard time to sort out my thesis statement into one God damn sentence. So that’s when Esperanza Writes fails to Write.

-Esperanza Writes

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