She’s a man. He’s a woman.

I found the paintings above in Kuwait 36th book fair and I can’t help but feel allured and touched. People should stop by and admire those paintings. Anyway the man’s painting is called “Rajol” and the woman one is called “Emra2a”.

What follows is my thoughts towards those paintings and my interpretation:

She is a man.

He is a woman.

She is to make-believe that she will live the life of a fairytale.

He is to strangle with his emotions.

She is to be painted perfectly and magically.

He is to be painted boldly, strongly.

All she wanted was to be treated as a man.

All he wanted is to be listened to.

She struggled.

He struggled.

So she became a man.

And he became a woman.

Together they were unified

Both together considered a human being.

By that they lived to be in peace.

Where she’s a man and he’s a woman.

-Esperanza Writes

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