The Question Still Lies..

To many of you that know me that I am a bookworm but my readings was only restricted to English novels until these late years when I got to read a book by “Abdulwahab Al-Sayyed” and if you know me that I’m a huge fan of him ever since and I almost read every book he has written. I even promote for him as if promoting for myself (hell I would never promote for myself like this, I think).

He is now the reason I go to the book fair. I mean don’t get me wrong ever since I knew such a thing as a book fair I go, I mean it’s a must for such a person like me. I didn’t miss it until last year for health reasons, after all I do come from a family of bookworms (my mom, sister, aunts) but they are arabic bookworms.

 Anyhow this year all I wanted is to go and see the 3 new books released by Abdulwahab and I got them.

I also read for Khalid NasserAllah a young promising writer. I somehow feel that we are related in our thinking. That just a hunch.

I decided to view the Platinum Bookstore, which they are very well-known for their publicist appearance, you know the whole different color theme and it has all those writers roaming inside it and such.

I found these three books written in English by Arabic writers, honestly it is my first time I’ve heard about them but I thought I would give it a shot and hope REALLY hope they don’t turn up as that *certain* supposedly called writer who somehow managed to gather up all the english words s/he knew in a book. Anyways they look promising.

A poetry book.

Here where comes to the main event ever been familiar to Kazeh? A Kuwaiti writer and Kazeh is his pen name. Anyway he is really promising and his debut novel is out he published two poetry books before that but that is his debut novel I met him and got him to sign for me.

I had a good, quick somewhat nervous (me nervous not him) conversation with him knowing that he writes under a pen. I asked him how does he does that is not allowed in the ministries. He told me that he publishes for himself and that is the best thing to do and your real name will be registered under the bar code:

Anyway he says that it is a long way run, but everything works out eventually. I told him good luck and I went hoping I didn’t make a fool out of myself.

I went out while a question still lies beneath the skin and sculp. Will I ever be there one day? Standing between those writers and signing my book giving out advises to whomever wants to hear them and hearing those compliments and encouraging words. Will I one day be holding my book saying how much this means to me. Will I be asked when is my next work be published?

The question still lies… Will I?

Esperanza Writes

2 thoughts on “The Question Still Lies..

  1. I prefer Khalid AlNasrallah books over Abdulwahab Alsayed’s,, try reading “Ha6raqa” & “7aqeeqa la toqal”.

    And I’m sure I’ll be one of your loyal readers,, I actually can’t wait to lay my hand on your first published book 😉

    1. I did read “har6a8a” but i forgot what it’s about it was a long time ago since i’ve read it.
      Awww ;** you are so sweet ;** hopefully one day n_n

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