Shadows of Today

I’ve recently came to know that one of my nephews (a one year old twin ‘picture above’) is afraid of his shadow. We would put him in a place near the light and he would look at his shadow and try to run away from it unsuccessfully. It is really cute to see him do that run away scared as if the shadow was a monster of some sort. Babies are beautiful they tend to be honest with their feelings if they are scared they show it and if they are happy they show is and so forth. No masking, no faking only the truth. It is when people start faking that they’ve become a grown up.

Which makes me think (what’s new?) that we are no different then my nephew we are afraid of our shadows but won’t admit it because if we did we would be admitting to our weakness. We are afraid of the dark sides of us that we try to cover, the side that we don’t want anybody to know of because if we do we would be viewed as a bad person by others.

We can’t hide our shadows except in the darkness and that where we left everything there, our weaknesses, our fears, our doubts, our shadows so no one can see.

We can no longer confront ourselves that we need to open up and go to the light even though we hide the fact that in light the view is better and much easier. If you expose the wounds to the light you can see a better way of healing it.

Or am I wrong?  

-Esperanza Writes

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