Esperanza.. A Disney Princess?

In Danderma’s post “How do you imagine bloggers to be?” she asks how do you imagine bloggers look like. What picture do you have of them in mind. I was curious and asked her what does she think I look like and she answered with the most interesting thing: A Disney princess not human but a cartoon.

Now this is served as a compliment to me really. You have no idea how much I would love to be a cartoon. Hell it is even a long-lasting dream of mine. Yes I do imagine myself to be an anime character. They are all cute, innocent looking and no matter what you just adore them even if they are characterized to be evil.

Am I a cartoon? Maybe in a one way or another I have those childish visions that can’t be set as human. Am I not human? Well I always considered myself as a girl who descended from a tribe from another planet, which I am the only one who survived. So maybe I not. I think of that possibility a lot.

Thank you Danderma you just made my day. You just made me think that I am maybe not dreaming after all. I may live a fairytale one day. Who knows? ;p

-Esperanza Writes

2 thoughts on “Esperanza.. A Disney Princess?

  1. loool didn’t know I struck the right chord there!
    But I wasn’t bluffing, I was serious! Somehow your dream must have offset on your blogging character or something :p

    1. LOOL totally n_n
      I know you werent bluffing that why i am happy the idea of someone thinking of me that why is amazing 🙂
      probably i tend to be a dreamer more than a realistic person so that’s why i guess ;p

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