One Usual please ( @pretzels_ )

You see when you need to wake up at 6 am everyday so you could get your paranoid self to college before 8 o’clock 30 minutes earlier or more and you don’t arrive home until 3 o’clock (on some days around 4:40) you just need an extra dose of energy so you could survive or am I right?

So after experiencing with College’s Coffee Republic several times (they don’t have that much of good choices) I found out that an Iced Latte with Caramel Cubes was the perfect match to a girl like me. I clinked to it like honey and bees. Everyday I would come to them on breaks and order it until the workers memorized it to the fact that before I would call out “Hi” they would be shouting “One Iced latte with caramel cube”. I got happy really the weird side that doesn’t belong to this world (or maybe it does) felt a sense of belonging towards this and recognition.

Anyhow, I proudly tell Ms. @pretzels_ , which by the way I should tell you that we know each other from this college semester because obviously College of Arts English majors are so full of students (I’m being ironic here) that we miraculously have three classes together which means we see each other daily. Let me not forget to mention that she is one of the sweetest girls I’ve met and I’m blessed to know her. 

Where was I? Oh yeah so I was very proudly bragging to her how they memorized my order and one day we were spending our time between our class breaks in the cafeteria. She asks what will you order and I tell her innocently but proudly “They know my order”. Anyway when our que came she orders whatever she ordered and points at me “And her usual?” HUH? She is buying me my usual. Didn’t I say she is sweet. Anyway I can’t say no because she gave me that glare, and she has this glare that says “end of discussion” and add with it she glares to me that I eat half of her Wrap sandwich (I just had breakfast but I ate anyway).

We then talk and talk and you know how interesting are English Literature majors conversations are (to me it really is but maybe not to you) we talk about Shakespeare and books and theoretical stuff (I’m boring you aren’t I ;p) no really we do talk about those stuff plus we talk about TV shows (Don’t tell me that’s boring?!). Anyway I don’t how but you know that feeling when you feel it’s ok to tell that person more than you intend to tell? Like telling her that I write and I have a blog, and only because I feel comfortable with her so yeah I do tell her and turns out she is an ex-blogger and a now-tumblr user. We exchange addresses (how cool is that?) and I view her tumblr and let me tell you one thing “I Loved it” you know she chooses great pictures seriously (I’ll stealing from her for future posts ;p). Her tumblr Dreamsfromascratch is a must check it out.

I would be saying give me one Usual now but I already had my dose of the day don’t want to face insomnia do we?

-Espranza Writes

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