Since When was it About the Looks?

“Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind.”

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (I, i, 234)

You must all know how much I care about people finding beauty in the soul rather than looks. I really hate the fact that people judge others by looks. You see this isn’t a pleasant world where looks overcomes the soul. I know how much that could degrade some people who are worth it and raise people who aren’t worth it.

Let us talk about myself since well, I know about myself more than anybody else. My appearance? Well let us see I’m an ok looking girl, 63 Kg with the height of 155cm. I wear Abaya on normal basis. I come from a Bedouin tribe family, which I do disagree with some of their beliefs but regardless I’m proud of. I do speak a Bedouin accent but not in front of anybody ( because of childhood experiences). I speak fluent English. Acne has struck me so many times. I got scars on my body more than I can count. I was born with a crooked smile but I can control it whenever I notice myself. I am as clumsy as a blind three-legged dog. I hate HATE make-up and shopping like BIG TIME.

What are you confused? I really hope you are?

I’m not being arrogant here since I just pointed some negative things about me but did you ever sense that was me through my writings? Did you ever think that I might be all of the above?

True I’m a dreamer but come again to say “Since when was it about the looks?”

Think.. Think… there are so many beautiful souls/hearts behinds those “looks” you were deceived in. May we see a better world that judges people not because of their looks? I hope. I dream.

-Esperanza Writes

4 thoughts on “Since When was it About the Looks?

  1. المشكلة بالمجتمع هني انه انطباعهم الاولي على الشكل, ومع الاسف الانطباع يظل الى مالا نهاية
    ليش مستغربة , اذا المجتمع مادي, سطحي, ساذج
    فأكيد اول شي يلاحظه الشكل

    1. it is a thing that goes on in centuries in between every culture, country, and society. For once we need to let go of such things.

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