Enjoyable Showers

Let me ask you one thing: which showers do you enjoy more? I can sense the lift of one eyebrow and the thought of “What is she talking about?” To make things more clear I’ll make it a more of an exemplary form for you: which showers do you enjoy more Choose A or B:

a) A shower after long, hot day. Where you sweated like a bucket of water was dumped on you?

b) A cold day where you did nothing but slack off?

I’ll leave you flirt with this idea while I tell you a story of mine. Once at year 2009, March my final year at high school we had a trip to Mecca to perform “Omra”. The seniors (us) were nine girls in a suite together, by the time we arrived at the hotel it was night and we went straight to perform it and when we were done it was about 1-2 o’clock at night. Since we were squeezed in a small suite we all wanted to take a shower but the bathrooms were occupied and it took way longer to take turns. I was sweaty and I felt stinky all I wanted to do was to take a shower and so when I finally did oh the pleasure that I felt. The feeling was so great. I felt fresh and clean and I went to bed happy.

Now, it’s true that normal showers is enjoyable but showers that come after a hard day is much more pleasurable. Don’t you think so?

So is reaching goals, the more the hard work you put to accomplish your goals the more enjoyable and pleasurable it is to feel.

Again I ask which showers do you enjoy more?

Humor Me Segment:

VOA music hosted an unplugged live show. The singer says:

“I sing just like a woman.” Crowd laughs. “I sing a song called Just like a Woman.”  crowd laughs louder.

LOL the misunderstanding!

-Esperanza Writes

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