“Soniyadar” is the name of my car, which I secretly named after seeing “Dreamer” the movie (true story). You see my car isn’t an ordinary car, she is a small Tiida Hatchback car.

Now to tell a story you gotta start from the beginning. You see not long ago around December 2010 I just got my license, although I was 19 at that time, and I had this concept about getting me a car. I wanted to get me an inexpensive car because I just learned how to drive and the risk of damaging the car was higher. Anyways, I also wanted a mini car and after debating with the idea so many times we, my father and I, decided that to get a used one for me now is a great idea. But there was a problem you see, my choice of car (mini) didn’t suite everyone’s taste, and when I say everyone I mean my six sister, mother, and about everybody I knew (almost). My mom and older sister the most, they kept telling me that this is a “workers” car, it’s embarrassing and such but I really wanted it. I kept saying that I loved mini cars I have no problem with big cars but there is chemistry between me and small cars, we suite each other. I was on the edge of giving in and getting the car my mom wanted me to have but then my dad told me choose whatever you want you are the one who is going to drive it. So then I got Soniyadar, a used Nissan Tiida Hatchback for about 3,000 KD.

Soniyadar and I shared beautiful times together. We had sad times, and good times. You see she wasn’t just a car to me. She was my beloved. Even though she had no modern car qualities but I loved her regardless and loved her for her imperfections. She resembled me for a the matter of fact. True, did I abused her so many times where she got scratches and bumps from me, I high speed-ed with her so many times and I enjoyed it (which I got two speeding tickets for that and my first). But I loved her because together we are not just a girl and a car we are a relationship of acceptance, and a resemblance of fighting for ones wants.

My older sister a month ago just got her license so my parents were planning to give her my car and I would be given my dad’s Dodge (a big car), once I’ve heard of it I said no I only want my car (I was considered “silly” because I put down a car better than my car but like I said there isn’t chemistry between me and big cars). And few days ago my sister wanted to go out and took my car, she came back with a dimple on my car in the back. I felt like crying that day but I knew that guilt was eating my sister alive and I held my tears back it wasn’t her fault it’s just fate and it was destined for this to happen.

The thing was there was a few talks about getting me a new car but nothing serious. I didn’t bring up the subject also. The thing is I know that one day I have to let go of Soniyadar, but do I have to fight again to get me a mini car that suited my taste? Or will I have to just give in? Currently, I don’t want to be called stubborn again, I’m sick of fighting for “Who am I” constantly I might as well just give in. Soniyadar is representing me now: small, different, dreamer and imperfect. Giving her up means giving myself up in some way or another. If I let her go will I get another Soniyadar?

-Esperanza Writes

4 thoughts on “Soniyadar

  1. I can really relate to that story, I remember my first car and how much I loved her although it was not my choice but I had to let go coz I got my second car which was my used American SUV always loved to drive an American SUV or Truck with all of it imperfection and useless stability and more than I want of space and size.

    Till this day I remember those cars but a day comes when u have to let them go to another person so they can share more memories as u did with it.

    Always take the car u like no matter what it is mini or an SUV or a truck just go after what u think u r comfortable with otherwise u won’t love and enjoy being in it

    1. I know you are totally right, but I’ll have to have a way to convince others without hearing endless comments. :/

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