Dr. Who?

In between my humble years in College, which is not much really this is my 4th course, I came to the theory of “Dr. Who?”. No I do not mean the science fiction documentary that by all means I just knew that it existed and I might give it a watch sometime.

“Dr. Who?” is not as much as a theory as an outrage of dishonesty that goes on between some, which I’d rather put into quotation and get the sarcasm voice I’m delivering here, that call themselves “Doctors” (inserts the quotation gesture).I not only mean medical doctors but I do mean all kind of doctors that in someway or another does not deserve to be called one.

I know many of you could relate to this we all at some point witness this incident. I couldn’t help but be shocked of such existence, being ashamed is what most should be at such thing. I lately have a subject which I shall not mention the name of the teacher nor the of the subject, because in a way or another I believe in not setting a bad reputation to the public eye. Anyway this supposedly to be a “Doctor” is a matter of fact not a doctor that teacher has only a college degree but puts in the notes that follows the subject “Dr.” in front of his name (notice that I’m trying to avoid the gender type here also “His” is used for both man and woman so do take this generally). He, the Doctor, enforces the girls and mocks them on how they do not English very well where in fact that THAT Doctor does not write his grammar properly on the papers, speaking fluent English does not make you an English-know-it-all (I do admit that I’m not that good in grammar but I’m admitting unlike that doctor who mocks and claims while in fact he is much lesser than he is). Now let us leave this whole thing aside and focus on the material that is taught to us. That doctor more like teaches us (I’m going to give an example here) it’s like being taught psychology while you are taking a statistics class. How dishonest this teacher could be (I refuse to write doctor anymore it’s more like lying to myself) he is not only lying to people he is also lying to himself giving himself credit for something he has not earned!!  Where is the sense of accomplishment? Where is his conscience? Where is the sense of judging oneself’s actions?

Fake degrees either by fake implying them or buying them ain’t going to give the person the respect that he needs, earning that respect is more like it. Some other Doctors who for a matter of fact do earn the degree but has no conscience whatsoever in teaching the material correctly they are no different from the fake ones, maybe better in one side but still what is the use of the degree without using it properly.

I truly admire doctors or teachers that teach from their heart, makes a difference in a simple word and support the students in every way possible. I once had a doctor who was so strict that I got off with the subject with a C+, even though it was an introductory course that was supposed to be a higher grade I didn’t really care you know why? Because I enjoyed the course nevertheless, the doctor was informative and gave all the useful teaching possible despite that doctor being strict.

And here we come back to our papers and ask “Dr. Who?”

-Esperanza Writes 

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