The Ideology of Amore

If you haven’t guessed by now “Amore” is Italian for “Love” I wanted to put it in Italian for various reasons which are:

  • I love the Italian language
  • I think the Italian language is the most romantic language on mother earth (even though I don’t speak it)
  • to grab your “attenzione” (Italian for attention)

What is Love? We all know that love is giving and taking and caring for another and so on. So many ideas came with the word love but have it stayed the same when we first knew it? When we first realized it’s existence. We all have different interpetations for the Ideology of Love, but recently I’ve come to see that this ideology has changed drastically if not completely.

Call me old-fashioned but when I think of love I see a “look” on a wintry night giving away all the warmth it could possibly give to the other side. When love is there “unconditionally” should be accompanied with it. Loving the flaws more than the perfect sides and somehow these flaws hints a smile on your face not because they are funny but they are too darn cute.Where love is as innocent as a child’s look to his loving parents. That without words, gestures, or materialistic things the feelings are delivered just by a single thought. That every trifling thing that is done is taken into consideration. When feelings are felt because they are set on fire.

Somehow this beautiful, innocent, honest ideology has changed. People came to expect things from others, it’s ideology became more than the innocent rate, materials became the main object. Want became more than it’s share of thoughts. Love is a need by all, I need love and I know that but in the previous ideology not this one. As Bronte’s Jane Eyre said “I scorn your idea of love.” I hate how love is now all about being competitive of others, about taking more than giving, about unbalanced principles and unnecessary priorities.

Maybe I have more to defend love’s definition but all I could really say at the end is: love is a proportion we take the simpler it is the more beautiful and magical it is, the less complicated it is the more meaningful it is.

-Esperanza Writes


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