Duplicate, Replicant, Cloning

Not long ago did the scientist made a great invention into cloning a sheep called “Dolly” it was a big story and was covered about everywhere and the matter of ethics and morals jumped in whether cloning is to be followed or not. The movie “Replicant” viewed the issue of cloning a criminal to study his mind and capture him. You see the matter of duplicating a living creature is a big issue in most aspects: religion, politics, science.. and so on you name it and it’ll be involved. What most people neglect to see or chose not to see is that duplication had existed in a long long way run as much as human beings could remember it was there.

I don’t speak in a matter of science here but I do speak in a matter of metaphors. You see years ago maybe centuries ago where people started lacking confidence they started with duplicating themselves to others and I don’t say imitating because imitation is such a small word for such thing. You can never distinguish the differences from two people because they are in some way or another so alike it’s hard to spot the dark blues from the blacks. They became clones to no matter of mentality in it no sense of conscience. One would obtain a higher hand and the other would be the hand that claps for it for no obvious reasons except the fact of replicating.

I’ve spotted twin girls recently in my place of study you cannot differentiate from them no matter what, they wear the same exact thing, put on the same make up, walk together, and study the same field. What we know that twins thrive to be known as different individuals but those I could only see and analyse that one of them has the higher hand and is the boss of them both. As sad as this sounds it could be the truth. Those are duplicate twins by default and by acting, some people are duplicates in a matter of not standing out to whom they really are they chose to go with the flow rather than to be themselves. Now why is that?

Ethically speaking this is a violation of one person to himself. It suppressing oneself from freedom of oneself. They are being a replicant by choice condemning their souls from what they think it suited them whether or not they are aware of it. They have become like the title synonyms to each other.

So many do we see girls and guys act, wear, talk the same way as each other that in the matter of fact sometimes it could be hard to know who is who. Is it a matter of being accepted? Or is it a matter of getting away from troubles of life?

This is an issue that will still remain if isn’t recognized as an issue to others.

-Esperanza Writes

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