Believe in Karma

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.  ~Wayne Dyer


Probably one of the things that holds me back or makes me what I am today is that I fear and believe in Karma. My actions and thoughts are all based on such on Karma. It is often that I would be rethink my actions just because I know that Karma is not a really good girl, she does exactly what people does for her. People treat her badly and so she does in return, people treat her in a good way she does so in return, and if people decides to do nothing so she decides so giving no good nor bad in return.

Imagine a world who believes in Karma each person would consider their actions and think “what if I do this would I want it to come back to me?” or “I’m doing this in hope that it will come back to me!”. I imagine this world believing in this what do you see? I see people giving more than taking, I see mother-in-laws being nice to sister-in-laws and vice versa, I see children becoming obedient to their parents, I see smiling people and no frowning ones. A beautiful world it will be.

Leave the bad to the bad and be the good because you are good.  It would be a more optimistic life than pessimistic. You will be looking forward to the good that will come to you because you have not done anybody any bad, even when times comes to be unbearable you’ll remember that Karma is there to support you even in the long way run.

Lastly we shall not forget that the ideology of Karma exists in our religion the main concept behind it, do no bad do all good.

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-Esperanza Writes

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