An Inside-Out on Bedouin Weddings

Days ago I was invited to a wedding, which by all means I was obligated to go to, that wedding made me not want but need to write this post. Maybe I’ll make a small difference maybe my voice will be heard or maybe this post will be a silent melody that is not heard but felt. Whichever it is I’m writing it regardless.

First of all when talking about them I have no hate toward my tribe or my Bedouin ways and my kindred life. I’m also not ashamed of who I am on the contrary I’m absolutely proud.I also like to point out my opinion does NOT represent my family nor country it only represents ME. It’s just that some things needs to change some things needs to enlighten and set in a less superficial way and if that is the best way to set it than shall be it. We, Bedouins, are divided into three sections some who are like me strive for a change, some is schizophrenic towards the subject, and some who a hard-core that things is as it should be. This is a typical ideology that comes with any change no matter what is that change is. I only talk about Bedouin because I live the life of a Bedouin and I’m not entitled to criticize any other way of life if I didn’t live it. We, as any human beings, try to humor up the subject in making it as a funny joke and so shall be this post hopefully it won’t interpreted badly.

I always come to the conclusion when it comes to such events that “I envy men aggressively” not only because they don’t waste the whole day, week, or month preparing for such event but also because of the following. I certainly don’t understand the basic thinking behind this look but it sure exists and I loathe it so much. Women not only choose the extreme hairdo where I could feel that their heads are about to be knocked down from the massive weight it is holding but also decide that dipping themselves with make up, they completely show insecurity signs (to me it means such) covering not only their faces but also their whole body with white powder and I say white because they choose to be a color other than theirs and then dapping their face with more colored powder that you could no longer recognize them. Both of which I see no way to represent yourself. I find a better way in simplicity than in over doing things. This is not a SEE me competition. Weddings were made to have fun in the first place not to compete on who is a larger than life in order of appearance aspect.

Some types of music differs from wedding to wedding most Bedouin weddings try to include all three types of music: 7thri (which is familiar to all), Bedouin (exclusive to Bedouin weddings ), Samri (the slow type where is a favorite amongst old ladies which you can predict that is not played that often because of it’s dullness). Some weddings do only Bedouin dancing but I’m going focus on weddings that have those three all together. You see there is such a thing called family calling where before the song the “6agaga” or the “DJ” would say “This song is for this family” and when the song starts all women from that family would jump in and dance while others who love the family would jump in too to show their praise and compliments and such. Some weddings use this aggressively, some not and some don’t give a damn. I would secretly tell you though that this is a protocol that could be used to show the e7m “Single ladies”. As you can see at some point they called out “this is for the WRITES family” I panicked, it’s not that I don’t know how but I hate to be forced into such things and they did NOT I repeat NOT leave it to once but they did a double dance and I could tell you that I performed such social obligations with extreme exhaustion you can also predict that it is a very tiring dance this Bedouin dance, doing that plus trying to maintain a smile, and let’s not forget whipping the hair back and forth (Willow Smith is not a pioneer in this concept) is superior. At the end of the first dance my chin quivered (I had no idea why but I think it was a calling from me to no one in particular from this bullshit “I do apologize by my words but this is me being outraged”).

And then there is this the mother of the son where she would be called for a special dance and she would be dancing this exhausting dance and everybody would gather around her trying to compliment her and harassing her into a circle (poor her she is TRAPPED) and then whoosh she is forced to see that woman who was also complimenting her (WHY?!! eshda3wa 3alaikum!!) and the dance is over with the mother barely making it out safely.

I would continue on and on but I think I’ve recovered the main aspects I wanted to. Where mostly it’s a single ladies show (where is Beyonce from this?) and a hassle of compliments and obligations. I look forward to the time when simplicity is the keyword to weddings.

p.s: this post has been updated because there was some grammar mistakes plus there were some wrong interpretation to what I really meant but regardless the main concept isn’t changed.

-Esperanza Writes

4 thoughts on “An Inside-Out on Bedouin Weddings

  1. Whether u r from tahran or u r from Iraq!!
    because my lady these type of dancing and wedding calling ( Badou ) not Bedoun !!

    o if u not from Tahran Or Baghdad u have to check on ur origional because you r not Bdeweya @ all !!

    eli mayerja3 aslah bdewei ya enah e3jemi ya enah #raaqi .. u PICK !! 🙂

    finally . etha enti Mu bdeweya o mat3arfen eb Esoul ilbadoo o how they act in their wedding Parties I ADVISE u my dear .. STOP!! coz 3eib 3ndina e7na 3yal ilKuwait ilbadoo en3ayeb 3la 3ers en3ezamza 3alih o NO BODY FORCED us to COME !!

    thnx ..

    1. Dear 9oo9oo,
      I’m extremely sorry if you find this insulting. I can assure you that i’m an original bedouin and proud of it and i do not need to check to make sure.
      I only pointed out my view and I think I’m entitled to point mines just like you did right here in this post.
      I understand some tribe traditions may differ from other tribes as in urs might be different than mines.
      I also am extremely grateful of the invitation and from the place i came from as I mentioned in this post
      you calling me a pick doesn’t insult me whatsoever. no matter who we are africans, irani, iraqi, and so forth it doesn’t matter because taking pride in a tribe doesn’t mean i’m better than the rest of the people we are human and our destiny is a 6×6 grave. “la far8 bain 3araby aw a3jamy ela belta8wa”(mafhoom el7adeth as i recall).
      If I by all means did mention something wrong please point it out and I will gladly change it if i’m convinced with it.
      Overall thank you for taking your time and reading my blog this is appreciated much.
      Thank you,
      Esperanza Writes

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