Esperanza (The Story) Chapter 6 “Just a Pill” part1

The actual other half of the pill in the story
The actual dress in the story

Don’t underestimate the power of a Pill – Esperanzish Proverb

Once the decision was made I felt the relief that everything will turn out okay for once. I grew comfortable with my decision not only that put I grew anxious for that day to come. In the spring break my life will change. I bought a dress that fits a mannequin so I could wear it once I lose my weight, a opptimistic view in me, I was enthusiastic about the whole thing.

I went to a private doctor to schedule the surgery. He told me about the side effects something called dumping when over dosing on sugar also something like the possibility of leakage a one in a hundred. Unimportant stuff. Me being excited and wanting to get over with all of this decided to do the surgery on February 10th 2010 and so was it set.

That day I was nervous even though I had many experiences with the surgery room it doesn’t make the feelings any different. I should’ve gotten use to it but I wasn’t. Hospital smell made my guts flip it sure wasn’t a thing that I favored and it added up to my fear. I was scared that day. I kept reminding myself the way I usually do in any surgery that I will be asleep and this will pass sooner than I think. This will yet to become a memory. It didn’t drive my fears away no it didn’t should I step down? I wore the surgery gown.They put they IV on me. No, I already made my decision. What am I thinking? I waited for them to say its time to go in the operation room. What’s taking them so long? I waited and thoughts began to play with me. Should I step down?! I was scared, frightened! But I already made my supplications I have faith in Allah that everything will be fine. What’s wrong with me? Why am I being such a coward? This is not the usual me. I’m brave I’m always brave. I can’t back down I can’t! Besides we already paid for the surgery I’m not backing down! I recited the Quran regaining my faith in Allah. They came, it’s time. It’s time.

They took me into the surgery room around three o’clock at noon. It’s cold as usual it’s always cold. They connected the wires of the electrocardiogram to me. Can’t wait to sleep. I see nurses doctors and doctor helpers roaming the room. Get me to sleep please I thought. The doctor looks at me covered with the mask. I can identify him from his eyes he speaks to me asking me if I was ready. No, I’m not I thought but I said yes I’m ready. I see a nurse holding an injection I assumed its the anesthetic to make me sleep. She inserts it to the IV connected to me and pushes the solution gently inside. My brain started to doze off. I was right. I’m going to sleep. Slowly images starts to blur. I closed my eyes and everything went black.

“To be Continued”

-Esperanza Writes

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