By All Honesty, By All Means

Joan Didion :

      “I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.”

Here is the time where I find honesty is the best weapon to motivation (not that I’m not honest in all the posts). You see the best thing a person could give as a piece of a motivation advice, and allow me to emphasize advice here as in to motivate people in the correct way.

Many of you know that I used to be an ex-blogger for a bit more than four years. I started it since I was sixteen as a personal blog and I never changed it. I created a humble number of readers but then I saw I needed to let go of this blog and start fresh and new with this one in a more specific field.

Once I made this decision I kept in mind or most likely knew three things:

  1. That turning into a new blog will make me lose my reader base (most of them). Therefore I’m starting from scratch. Especially when it is a specified field where not all people are interested in.
  2. If I’m starting from scratch on a specific field then my work will be identified. As in if my work was good then I will be praised.
  3. As a continuation to number 2 if my work was bad I will not be praised and not acknowledged.

Knowing all the above points I knew that if I was meant to be a writer this blog will work out and if not then I should find a new calling and look away from the writing thing. Also knowing that doesn’t mean that I should give up on it so early without persistance tries.

To tell you the truth I was afraid of such attempts it isn’t an easy task to be a perfectionist in a specific field. People do expect specialized fields to be perfectionist in that field which is wrong because almost every field is bottomless a human brain cannot take it in 100 years let alone my humble 20 years.

So, I made sure to clarify people that I’m before and after all things I’m only human and so is constructive criticism is an open matter to receive with an open mind. I wanted to be better and I wanted to if I’m good.

Following what I’ve just mentioned I worked, made some abusive thinking regarding what to and what to not post, and most of all waited.

Did I get criticism? Yes I did.

Did I face negative reviews? Yes I did.

Did I get positive reviews? Hell yeah.

You see I weighed them all into a balance and did see that I am in the right path with a little of enhancing on what I’m doing, I wasn’t wrong. My dream is yet not a failure and even so I have had enough evidence for myself  to proceed with it.

Here is my honesty comes with all means. You have a dream? Don’t give up. And when I say a dream I mean a real dream not a momento phase dream, and if you are not sure if it’s just a momento dream see what are the feedbacks most of which will tell you if this is your calling or not.

Keep on working. Nothing happens by slacking of in my case words are not written by themselves it needed brains, guts, and a hell a lot of typing.

Be honest in what you do don’t fool people. You might get away with it the first time but then when you are discovered to be a liar your truth will become a liar as well, therefore people won’t trust you. Trust here is a very important element.

Last but not least it is very important when working is that you work with your heart before anything. If your heart won’t cooperate then just simple know that this is not your calling.

May Allah bless those truthful hearts.

Esperanza Writes

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