I’m Feeling Gay

No you did not read this wrong and no there is no scandal behind this, well there is a tiny if you may wish consider it a scandal which will be explained later on. Let me explain why I simply pointed out that “I’m feeling gay”.

When I say “I’m feeling gay” I do not mean in any way that I’m a homosexual absolutely not. You see The word “gay” wasn’t originally meant as a different kind of desires as we all know it nowadays. On the contrary the word “gay” arrived around the 12th century and for of its English life it actually meant “joyful” and “carefree”. As you could see from the picture above there is this poem written by “William Wordsworth” saying: A poet could not but be gay. Had he meant that he is with different feelings? absolutely not! He actually meant that by the alluring scene he as a poet could not but help and be happy.

By the 20th century the word has been corrupted with its meaning and withheld the meaning of “homosexual” I as all of you knew no other meaning and was corrupted by this particular meaning. Until I studied in highschool this poem and learned the beautiful meaning of this word.

It saddens me to see how much in the recent centuries words were destroyed from beautiful to nasty. And so many people do misunderstand or use such words in a bad way until we will no longer have such words explaining ourselves until “I’m feeling gay” sounds like “I’m feeling homosexual” rather “I’m feeling happy”.

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-Esperanza Writes

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