Heartlings (Short Story)

In a place where no planet orbited the galaxy nor a life was  thought, to have existed, there indeed does live a life on a planet called “Hearts”. It was merely a planet, more like a speck unnoticeable and untouchable to the whole orientation. The time there was not dated so it would be quite difficult to know the time of the events that happened and so it is lost. Their time was measured by “Hearttime” which is a measure we cannot find its equivalent.  All we know is a story that is to be told with just enough information to consider it a story. I will begin with no longer than this introduction to save you from yawning and gagging for I have witnessed enough of this to suffocate on it for eternity.

This planet we referred to previously contained no more than four heartlings at that time. It is hard to describe their figures but they pretty much held a small size of space. Their capacity was only of those fists of your hands. They did not hear nor talk, they had no senses that in which they communicated. They did not eat nor drink. They were born with no features of those other creatures. In fact all they were, as we must say something to show that they indeed exist, a fine cut of meat. Weirdly shaped through something that had an upper tube like and then a circular significance at the bottom. The only sign of liveliness is the constant pumping movement they had. They did not understand why they pumped yet they cannot seem to stop it so they lived with it until they have forgotten about this particular fact.

They did not start that way. They were much smaller and had no inkling of an idea how they came here or how they existed. They are the first of their kind and did not know that there were others rather than their solo selves. Later on did they know of each other by coincidence for they as I said earlier knew no sense of communication. They at first felt a strange action, for they were also without eyes, some lingering thing in the air, a feeling known of later on, was sensed until they discovered each other. This lingering thing was their source of communication later on, it was hard to learn, but they managed for there was no other way.

They were four known as: Catalyst, Improviser, Stabilizer and Theorist. Theorist had a chain surrounding its meaty shape, it often lingered questions that made the others confused for they had no answer to his questions so it devoted it’s time to answer those questions, his pumping was a deep pump often mistaken as a huge thud to the planet Heart. Stabilizer often had a list of to-do’s and not-to-do which was often mistaken for it being bossy. It made its way to do everything that was required, or as it thought, its duty to do so, it’s pumping was also full of rhythm and never went out of it. Improviser was a happy heartling it always knew it’s way around things, always hated to be restricted to anything, and his pumping was a comedy play act, it constantly played it’s way up and down with nothing beyond a refreshment rest. Catalyst, deliberately kept at last, was a calm heartling who unified the other heartlings together, yet he would mysteriously shed a red substance which came dripping down its meaty self with no reason, it wanted to know why but there was no answer so it went to the place in which it felt some warmth, something that touched it causing its moist body to go dry and hot but it was only for a short amount of time and then it would go back to its place. Its pumping was faint and light, more like a soft twitter of a love bird.

If the Catalyst did not exist, other heartlings would have suffered from the constant fighting they did with each other. For Catalyst understood them well and so made the communication and understanding between them easier. Catalyst was not understood though but kept silence and did not mention its loneliness.

Hearttime by hearttime, Catalyst grew weaker it shed more red substance than ever before. It often would have a mild stop pumping that lasted a small hearttime. The other three heartlings felt the difference of heartling Catalyst, it did not linger as before and the sudden stop of pumping worried them but they could not find a way to help. They tried as much as their heartling self could do, but it did no good to Catalyst.

One day they woke up feeling only three lingering and the four but yet lost. They knew Catalyst was the missing one and they thought it went to that place where it would dry a little like usual. But it took a lot of hearttime to come back so they decided to find it. They searched and searched but without any outcome from this searching. When they did give up and felt that their searching lasted a long hearttime,they lingered with a loud feeling which comes to our equivalent meanings ” Catalyst!! We love you, we care for you! You are the reason we are together! Come back!” which came back as similar echo to ours that almost sent them back shameful with loss yet then a faint single pump appeared and got lost as if it had never appeared in the first place.

From that day on those three heartlings separated and no longer found the reason to stay together, none of them knew how to deal with one another and so the end of the heartlings came and no others came after that to bring a life on planet “Hearts”.

-Esperanza Writes

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