Zwrites or Writesz and Something Along those lines

I’ve realized since I came back to blogging that I didn’t give an explanation to why I changed my domain from zwrites to writesz or why did I disappear. You see one day I woke up to see my blog is hacked and all the post just disappeared. After having a panic syndrome I managed to get my blog back and retreat my posts, but I changed my domain temporarily and when I wanted it back I couldn’t get it back, just like that. BAM!! So yeah I changed it to the nearest thing in which I only switched the letters so it could be obvious to everyone that this is me. In  between I didn’t post I had finals and too much in my hand that as soon as I was done I came back. I admit not as before but I’m back.

Anyway the thing is I’m afraid that this will happen again so here is the suggestion you either follow it or not it is really all up to you. I’ve realized that during the change of domains those who stayed with me are the ones who follow my blog via email. You see on your right hand there is the column the second thing written FOLLOW BLOG VIA EMAIL:

That is a mere suggestion. Really it is a good tool to use every time I write anything “Zip!” just like that it sends it to your mail box. You don’t have to check my blog every now and then to see if I posted something new. So go for it really I recommend that.

Just in case you don’t want to and want other options and you want to find me somewhere else I’ve added a page to where you could find me “Find Esperanza”  you could see it on the upper side of the page:

There I have a tumblr for pictures and quotes that doesn’t require a post, a facebook page, a , and an

Thanks for tuning in. I hope you like my writings. Your opinion matters.

-Esperanza Writes

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