Good Cries, Good Tears

Every once in a while we need the definition of Good Cries and Good Tears. It is not a shame to want them and maybe for someone like me to indulge on them every once in a while. We, as human beings, need those moments where we could release all our burdens for once and for all and start over again. To me a good cry-able movie or a book could be an answer. I love them and as a matter of fact I actually dig for them and make a wide search for that asking around ” I need a movie/book to cry on any suggestions?”.

Those tears are joy to me they give me the feeling of somewhat a mixture of relief and pleasant agony. It’s complicated to set it out in just mere words and it does seem like a psycho person on the loose but trust me those little moments I do long for.

If you were to ask me when is the last time you cried? I would answer a few hours ago I came across “Nights in Rondanthe” movie and boy did I tear up. Such a beautiful, magical movie. A sad ending but very meaningful. I couldn’t help but think that this movie reminds me of “A Message in the Bottle” and guess what? While I was on the search for the movie just an hour ago I found out that it was written by the one and only “Nicholas Sparks” the same writer of “A Message in the Bottle”, “A Walk to Remember”, “The Notebook”. That man never fails to make me cry, hope, dream and fall in love with no one in particular, never once did he fail me. I am in an oath to read all his books and see all his movies that are going to be released soon to come “The Lucky One” starring Zac Efron.

“Nights in Rodanthe” gave me the hope and possibility that  it’s never to late, it will never be late to make things to your own benefit. It’s never.

I do recommend this movie and every other book and movie written by “Nicholas Sparks” if you are up for tears. Tears are a healthy weapon once you are in control of. Make  the Cries and Tears, Good.

p.s: “The Last Song” was a remarkable book an amazing one, I cried throughout it as never before but the movie was a big fail to the movie it didn’t bring one ounce to the book’s goodness.

-Esperanza Writes

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