The Sugar Addict in Me (Metaphorically)

I’m a sugar addict since I don’t know to tell you the truth probably through my whole life but it has been going on a constant on and off status.  But to speak precisely I’ve been an intense addict ever since I started my vacation two weeks ago. I’m not doing anything really except the following: watching TV, writing, reading and having loads and loads of sugar inside my system. Between every couple of hours I feel the need to eat a cake or anything that has some sugar on it and to tell you the truth I have no intentions on solving that addiction. I like it the way it is and I guess that is my way to try to fill up my time I just can’t wait to start college already.

Yesterday while I was having a black forest ice cream (which is basically just chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate syrup) I was thinking I do not want this to end and mourning over the time there won’t be any ice cream left while I still had loads of ice cream left. I stopped a little and thought : wait a second! Why am I not enjoying the moment and leave the latter for its time to come?

And I’ve realized that in general this is how we are, we human beings just neglect what we have in hand and look to a future of we don’t have and we do have. Why don’t we just enjoy the moment as it is? Leave the future till it’s present and live the present while we have it. By those little twist and turns of thoughts we can see a better way of life.

Just a change of point of view.

Interesting huh?

I have to cut this short because I have to go, but I guess you’ve got the point right?

-Esperanza Writes

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