The Cool-Loser and the Loser that is Cool

While I chip in my boredom with a little (scratch little I meant A LOT) of surfing, and may I clarify not real surfing but through the internet. I come across a very interesting blog that I may or may not become an addict to it but one thing I know for sure is that I can’t manage to stop reading (ha go figures!). I kept reading, reading, and reading along the way I just get cramped with words that does and does not accompany sentences. Anyway here is her blog (Stephenie) and will soon be added to my blogroll along with other sites I marvel.

After reading several hundred million of posts (I’m spicing up here if you didn’t figure this out already). I try to maintain a few words in my brain by putting them on repeat and not actually losing the trail of thoughts I actually wanted to go with in the first place. Let us go backwards around yesterday afternoon. We are spending our vacation in our farm and there is no TV. So you can actually conclude that there is a lot of free time in my hands. I decided on first task to go uphill take a photo of me and enjoy reading my kindle and listening to soft music with it. A leisure time to me. That wasn’t what actually happened. Being in a full house that is this is almost out of the question. As soon as they see me heading out of the house they see it as a que “AT LAST SOMEONE IS DOING SOMETHING” and they tag along. To the equivalent of three minutes the hill was full with people aside of me. So I ended up taking some photos instead of meditating and then it got quite chilly and I got inside. Wasn’t bad but wasn’t what I planned for.

Me during one of the photos. And I also realize I'm not the fashionista you're looking for. So yeah I know that this is a fashion disaster but who cares? 😀

Back to today I spent most of my time reading Stephenie’s blog and it was pretty cool and awesome but she kept saying she is not cool and not awesome. An introvert and so forth. But hey she is cool and I think the same thing about me. And then “TA-DAAA” I came with the cool-loser and the loser that is cool.

You know the sitcom Drake and Josh? From Nickolodeaon?

right: Josh, left: Drake

You see there are two types of people, some are Drake and some are Josh. Drake is the popular, cool, handsome, social extrovert yet he does not have the brains to pass his quizzes. Josh is the clumsy, social introvert, not-so-well looking but has the brains to be the honor roll student of the year. Yet every Drake has a Josh in him and every Josh has a Drake in him. Open up your imagination for this one. You see Drake despite being cool he is Josh in his brain, his brain is all clumsy and messed up just like Josh’s appearance. Whereas Josh being a loser his brain when you look inside had the coolness of Drake, all handsome and if you would give him a pen and paper he’ll write down a very decent column that you’ll never get fed up of reading. And there is also Jake, a combination of Drake and Josh together.

I’m a Josh and at some time I got scared, maybe partially bored of my lifestyle and decided to go with it and started to be more outgoing and got to meet a lot of people. It worked just fine but I still think of the awkward situations that I get myself into and maybe just maybe I’m not meant to be an extrovert. Introvert is my life and my way of living. Not understandable but works for me.

Now look at me thinking that I might be a loser just like dear Stephenie who is a big introvert, and all we do is write and write using all we have in our brains. Then all the views that I have in this blog, even though not many, are all of Cool-losers like me. Hooraaaaaay for the cool losers. I’d rather be a Josh than be a Drake. I may be bragging but please let me give myself some credit of the work I’ve done, I go back and read the articles I’ve read and think “Did I write that? That is just so good” even though there is still some parts that needs improving I admit, but still this is huge. When you recognize your own work and realize “Hey my writings are cool”. I might be a loser in real life (in looks, not popular), or maybe it’s only me thinking that but I’m a cool loser. Doesn’t that sound much better than the loser that is cool?

Now HIGH FIVE to all those Cool-losers on my side out there. Be proud you’ve got the brains they’ve got the looks. or not.

But hey look at it who knew I could write such a post? Thanks to Ms. Stephenie!

-Esperanza Writes

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