Blogger vs. WordPress

You may not know that but I’m not really the tech savvy in town. It is just not my field of expertise and I only am interested in knowing things that I NEED to know. Which is explains why for four years I’ve been dealing with Blogger until just recently I transferred to WordPress. Let me spare you the details of how I found Blogger but let me give you the details of the vs analysis I’ve concluded.

Let me begin my analysis by a quote from a fellow blogger who is a tech savvy, unlike moi, Mohd from Q8blend “Blogger is like Nokia whereas WordPress is like iPhone” (I tried to be precise about what he said but I’m pretty sure that what actually summed up his point, forgive me if I quoted wrongly). You see four years ago I actually had to use HTML codes to work with and since I forgot most of what I was taught in computer class I started only using the easy, necessary ones which is actually one thing: a “Br” between angle brackets (<>) to start a new paragraph. How amusing?

Later Blogger started updating it features  and starting figuring out what we actually want with visual by simply using it as if I’m using a word processor. Simple and easy, served my needs and I was actually satisfied with what I have. Until I actually wanted to add the “e-mail required” feature to the commenting section so I can deliver my first giveaway I wanted. So I asked a geek friend of mine to help and she did it for me by IntenseDebate that added the feature to my blog. There I was so satisfied I needed nothing else.

Then I decided to go more specific and start a blog on writing only (this is an article I’m writing so it is counted as a writing column, I didn’t go out my protocol here), I thought let me try WordPress there is nothing to lose. I try WordPress and being the me that knows nothing with technology I faced a hard time trying to understand how to work with it (I’m serious, I did face a hard time!) and I was considering to actually shifting to blogger but good for me I decided to be patience and let me tell you one thing: I’M GLAD I WAS PATIENT!

You see slowly I saw everything becoming easier and it became a piece of cake with FROSTING too! Can you believe that? With Frosting that I actually melt once hearing the mention of it! You see WordPress not only is easy to use once you get use to it, but it has so many features without actually searching for it, for example: the e-mail feature, the pages, visual.. etc all is good really. I’m really glad I shifted to WordPress the only thing that I didn’t like was that I had to approve the comments but then it isn’t a bother anymore and I might actually prefer it because it detect the spam comments for me.

I really like to scold the WordPress users out there into not advising me or any other blogger user into shifting to WordPress. Make sure here that this is not an ad. I’m not being paid if I were paid believe me you would see that I would be having my own domain. This is just my opinion towards different blog hosts.

-Esperanza Writes

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