Overwhelmed with Joy

Here is a question: what is it that will make you so happy to the limit that you will actually cry? And when I say cry I mean really cry not a few tears? I actually never thought of it until now, I mean I know what would be make me cry out of joy but not REALLY cry. I didn’t think of it until I saw the Kristen Bell interview with Ellen DeGeneres (watch Below) in which I really envied her and wished that I could be in her place with all those tears of joy. I remember one time I was really in joy that I really cried along with everybody around me is that when I came back after four months of treating abroad and finally coming home to see my family and my loved ones. That day I actually cried so bad I was overwhelmed with joy, but what about now?

In between the time span where I saw the video and writing this post (which is only 10-20 minutes, I watched the video twice too) I thought of what is it that I really want so badly that I would actually be overwhelmed with joy once getting it and one thing sprung to mind: My first book being real. This is my dream and this is what I really want throughout life other than what we all want. If I do get that I would seriously get into a meltdown and cry and I’ll probably have footage of me doing so.

I wish that moment would actually spring by one day. In the time being I envy Kristen Bell.

How about you?

-Esperanza Writes

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