Back-Up Your teeth

Doctors are not my favorite people in the world. I mean I do not hate them or anything, I’m sure they are great people but I hate visiting them and that explains much why I haven’t gone to the dentist for … um for 12 years (let’s just keep this between me and you ok?). Let me rewind time twelve years ago and tell you why aside from hating the smell of hospitals themselves.

Twelve years ago I was in the third grade vacationing in Syria I had to visit the Orthodontist to fix some teeth of mine. They had to use an injection to numb the feelings inside my mouth but, let me admit I was a brat I refused to be injected being scared from needles in all, till the doctor was already fed up with me and got angry and guess what he did? He slapped me so hard that I just got scared and obeyed orders. Funny enough I actually later on was all asking about him during the vacation (he was a friend of my family’s friend so we got to see each other outside). Anyway my scare of doctors didn’t lower its rate later on. I think it was more than the hospital smell that just makes me feel like I’m going to faint (I actually faint at times). It was more because every nutrition I’ve met because of some weight issues was scolding me and making the scare worst for me. Me, being the sensitive kid as I am, would either stay silent the most time because I don’t want my tears to fail me right there (you see doctors should watch out with their attitudes I don’t care how many years of studying they had to do to reach this level, try to be sympathetic at least for people like me!). Anyway my destiny in life was to meet a lot of doctors and spend months with them more than I intended to (read my story to know why). So after facing many doctors and creating the bravery I have (plus my mom insisting that I needed braces) I decided to go to the dentist.

Yesterday was my visit to the dentist before I went I was scared of the doctor would scold me especially that I know that I have cavity problems, but I didn’t know. Giving that I’m going to see the doctor my sisters went to I asked them if he was the scolding type and they assured me that he is fun and a joking kind of person.

I went into the doctor’s office he said that I needed braces my teeth were a little bit out and I had two solutions: either to take my front teeth off and readjust them (NO WAY!) or that I’ll adjust them , but not 100% through normal braces procedure. Of course I went with the second one, because to tell you the truth my teeth are not THAT bad they just need a little adjusting if you may say so. I took some X-rays,measuring, and took pictures of me (I think Ordthodontists have a thing for photography as a second career because that camera was a pro, or is it just my doctor?) and he said he’ll meet me later on to discuss my teeth thoroughly. Meanwhile I need to check my cavity and he is not able to do it the next weeks so I must do it with another doctor either government’s doctor or in the same clinic. We went with the same clinic and he asked from a Lebanese doctor to check me out and to see what to do with my cavity issues. The doctor was sweet and nice so far I didn’t see anything with his attitude in the brief amount of time we talked in.

A few minutes later the Lebanese doctor squeezed me in for a quick check up, he came in full of enthusiasm and all over the place. He saw my teeth and was like “Ya 3aaaaaayboo! t3arfy sho ya 3ayboo” LOL meaning something like shame on you. Then he said “Yeee sho haydaay” meaning what is this?! In a great joking way. Then he started telling my mom that I have 12 cavity issues that needed to be fixed, meaning a cavity for every year I didn’t go to the dentist (I’m not blaming it on the sweet tooth that I have, sugar has nothing to do with it. Don’t you dare say otherwise!). He put his hands around my neck and strangled me playfully and turned to my mother and said “2atalha liky” (meaning: I killed her for you LOL!). Anyway he said by four sessions he will be done with me and I can start with braces. I’ll be starting in two weeks.

The point is those doctors were sweet and playful and I guess not all doctors are as bad and scolding as some of the doctors I went through (not all of them was bad btw it is just a childhood thing). I’m only worried about how will I look like with braces? Will I be able to eat normally (you know how much I love food do you?).

I was going to put the image of my teeth now but I was too afraid you would be grossed by them (they are not as bad as I say they are. Really). The thing is I do smile.. I mean A LOT especially in public (and my teeth are not that good-looking) will I be able to smile with braces? And after all that will I smile more than I do now?

Don’t you just wish that you have a back-up for your teeth?

My potential teeth when I’m done with all of this. If I end up as cute and charming as Jessica Alba I’m knocking down all the dudes out there. Meanwhile I’m filing for a marriage request (I’m joking).

Esperanza Writes


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