Creative Kids (The Night Zoo Keeper)

A few days ago His&Hers posted about “The Night Zoo Keeper“, a new way for education for kids. An idea that has been established and is ready to rise. I really loved the idea specifically because it included a lot of imagination, which is something I’m really good at I must say. I commented on the post expressing my love and not later afterwards did I receive an e-mail from Mr. Andrew Schofield, who works as a part of the project locally in Kuwait, exclaiming his gratitude to my approval and like to the idea and asking if I could tell other people about this project if I knew some people who were responsible for the education system here in Kuwait, or help this project spread in any way that I can. Of course I was delighted by his request and I said I would make a special article (this one) dedicated to this project, except at first I wanted to try the project myself to assure the credibility of this post. I also asked him a few questions concerning the project and he was kind enough to answer them.

The project of “The Night Zoo Keeper” basically evolves around enhancing children’s education throughout their own imagination. How? Well, it quite simple you see it all about creating their imaginary animals and creating their own stories with them. Creativity, creativity, creativity and imagination is all it is required to be involved in the game, which is what kids are best known for (along with me ;p). So I thought if I’m going to test that out I might need a kid to help me with it, but unfortunately I do not have a kid around with the age that qualified him to play with that, then I decided I don’t need a kid I just need to bring out the inner kid in me, turns out it wasn’t hard at all (I’m only what? 15 years away from the actual kids age, right? ;p btw I’m soon to be 21 years old). Here how it went with me:

First thing I registered under “Esperanza Writes” and heard a really imaginative kids story about this Zoo Keeper who works at night with those extra ordinary animals each animal has its own special feature. The inner kid in my liked it to be honest.

Then, here is the exciting part (I really was excited about it), you get to make up your own imaginary animal with his own special features and all. I created one called “Flying Huggie”. “Flying Huggie” is a brown cute bear that is able to fly and loves hugs, I mean he LOVES hugs (I wish to fly and I love hugs that’s how I came up with him).

A close up of "Flying Huggie". Since the child me drew this it had to be like a child actually drew it. He looks Cute right?

There is no requirement to create an animal before you play, but the main objective is to help the kids to be creative and imaginative, later his animal is submitted where other kids will deal with his animal with his own rules.

The playing section is really not hard all you have to do is click on a picture of an animal and do what is required from you, the Zoo Keeper, towards that certain animal.

After completing the task the child clicks that he has completed it and he gets a “Good Job” card

I may understand that this is not education but it is a simple thing to do, me on the other hand think that it is a wise way for children. Children does not need to be education harshly but rather have them do their own education by themselves and developing themselves. I wish such program was put into schools when I was a kid, that way I would’ve found more joy in education. It teaches ethics and morals in such a simple and direct way.

For more information visit their site here.

I think it was one great way to communicate with kids and help with their education.

-Esperanza Writes

4 thoughts on “Creative Kids (The Night Zoo Keeper)

  1. We would like to thank you for your kid words. You did such a great job of explaining the process and you seem to have got to the very heart of what we are trying to do: “It teaches ethics and morals in such a simple and direct way.”

    We hope to be visiting the Kuwait in the near future.

    Kind regards

    Paul (Night Zookeeper)

  2. I must say, when I first came across this project, I was enthralled. I’d seen links to pictures children had drawn of their imaginary animals and imagined what discussions must have been happening in classes as children shared their creatures with others.

    Imagination can be an incredible tool when allowed to be free. The Night Zookeeper is a great platform for setting children’s minds on a creative path.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

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