Awkward Things I take Pride in

There are many things I take pride in, and some of things are actually pretty awkward but nonetheless I still do take pride in. So I thought why don’t I list them and take more pride then I usually do take pride in.

  • My scars. I have plenty and plenty of scars and I do take pride in having them. Some say remove them by laser and I say “why would I? I love them”. With every scar there is a story and the most one I take pride in is the one above my right eyebrow and I secretly think that it is cool because “I got it before harry potter’s scar”.
does it show?
  •  My clumsy self. I am so clumsy that I decided to take pride in it. Do you see the above scar? Well  had it because my clumsy self was playing catch when I was in third grade that I slammed into a wall and got me this amazing scar.
  • My tears. They come easily that I keep popping it in every conversation as much as possible “The movie was so great that I cried” “The weather is beautiful I might as well cry” ” I cry easily” I think you’ve got the image now.
  • My romantic side and I would make it bold and clear to anyone and no one in particular that I am so once I said to someone “You know that I have this huge romantic side of me..” in a conversation.
  • My hypochondria self. I would go on and on about what type of diagnosis on myself like “I suffer from analytic disorder, Writing OCD, metaphorically speaking..” and on and on I would go until one friend opened a dictionary and showed me the meaning of hypochondria and I said “oh and that too!”
  • The nerd me. You do not, I repeat DO NOT want to know how much I take pride in my English/literature pride side.
  • The bookworm me. (no need for more explanation).
  • My awkward wording. My Arabic is not really good not as it should be and I would twist all the prepositions with whatever and comes out as a retarded sentence.
  • My awkward comments. As an example once I told someone that “the weather is beautiful.. all it is missing is my shinning armor” (in my defense it was raining, you know what rain does to people right?)
  • My badliyat I don’t know what it is called in English but I have a long list of these.
  • That I love Disney movies and that I am originally a child.
  • The crazy me. You do not want to see me crazy. Mostly I do become crazy with family and certain friends but mostly my brother (to irritate him). I do take pride in my craziness.
  • My introvert self.
  • My love in food. I love food so much that I sometimes get cranky when I do not eat. FOOD you rock!!
  • Some exotic things I ate: a grasshopper, ants (ants were by mistake) and I plan on eating raw octopus.
  • I don’t freak out about insects/animals and PROUD.

p.s: the first picture’s glasses are not mines but my sister’s that I borrowed. You might add that to the list is that I love this style in glasses.

-Esperanza Writes

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