Born a Child

“A grown up is a child with layers on”

-Woody Harrelson-

Everybody is born a child. Bring me one person that wasn’t a child sometime in his life, wasn’t living that life of innocent and pure childhood. Everyone, everyone without exceptions was a child in his/her early life. We all must agree that a child born is a pure one, with nothing in his life except the beautiful, delightful things. And every fault they do you know you will forgive them for that easily because you know that did not intend badly. You cannot hate them or harm them. Those creatures are just he bliss and bless of life simply.

This is where we come to be as grown ups. The thing is I always say I do not hate anyone.. I rarely find hate. Every person who interacted with me and probably did me a hell a lot of wrongs.. I do not hate. Hate is an awfully big word. Every person was once a child, born a child. They all were innocent little beings and as they grew up they had two choices to go right or wrong. Those people who chose wrong, manipulated, hurt either by words or physically, and did every and any bad thing possible to others they only did bad to themselves. They repelled people away from them and they put themselves in a mess. Yet I do not hate them because they changed those pureness inside, the child they once were into this. I do not hate but pity them for that shift inside them. Whatever experiecne they went through must have became the result of them today. Pity is all I have for them but never hate.

p.s: These are pictures of my niece “Baby B”. My sis-in-law was like why don’t you put my daughter’s pictures. I said wait for it :). I love her, she has captured my soul for I don’t know why reason. Allah ye7afthich “Baby B”.

-Esperanza Writes

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