Pledge: Help Save Baby Fahad’s Life

He is a kid. A Child who barely lived anything and all his life was nothing but hospital. Heartbreaking really. Who would like this to happen to anyone? Let alone an innocent child. True it is his destiny and fate but we all could have a hand into saving his life, the least anyone could do is to spread the word.

Fahad is suffering from leukemia and needs a transplant so he could live his life. Unfortunately none in his family is a match so in order for him to get the match he needs a decent amount of an estimation of 37,000 KD. Spread the word this kid needs your help. Out of moral and ethical points do it make it your mission to deliver his story. Allah ykoon b3oona w ahala.

If you know anyone interested in sponsoring Fahad’s operation please contact our dear friend Q8Rain by email

Read more about him at Danderma and Q8blend ‘s blogs.


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