Five Reasons not to Trust a Dragon

As I was going out of my room and closing the door behind me I had this vision of a Dragon and then I got a little weird and thought “Dragons should not be trusted” (you know because we all see dragons everywhere and everyday). So here it is my dear readers “Five Reasons not to Trust a Dragon“:

First of all we all see dragons as cuddly and cute as they are. Adorable and you just want to be friends with them, I mean look at the picture above doesn’t he seem nice? but nevertheless looks can deceive you. You shouldn’t trust a dragon.

  1. When your friend the dragon, let us call him “Dragon” comes to pick you up for a walk you stroll down with him heading to the forest, because that what every dragon and person does, and on the way he gets a little tired and takes a deep inhale and then he exhales, he forgets that he exhales fire and you are right there in front of him and “POOF!” you turn into flames.

    You will turn out even worse
    You will turn out even worse
  2. Even if you got lucky and you were missed the fire will strike right into the tree that will burn and fall down right on you. The next thing you know is a tree is on top of you.
  3. You survive this limping and you still walk with your pal “Dragon”. You are heading into a city that is hosting a festival and “Dragon” get so excited and started to run, forgetting that he is a building large, and that you are right besides him and there you go under his big fat foot. Until he realizes it, it is too late your squished right under. He lifts his foot and puts his cute large paws on his mouth and let go an “Oops! Sorry”.
  4. You forgive him for what he has done because it was not intentionally made and proceed to the festival and suddenly all the crowd gets silent and watches “Dragon”. They start shouting with words you don’t understand and then you finally figure out that a Dragon is a great symbol to fortune and is suited with this celebration and they request from “Dragon” to do the honors and do the moves. “Dragon” turns to you with his puffed up chest and says with a new cocky manner “Sorry dude you are on your own right now!” and leaves you all broken to pieces because he thinks he is way better than you.
  5. So you go on to another place and people ask you why are you so sad and messed up and you tell them about your story with the dragon. They all look at each other and talk with a foreign language you ask what’s wrong  and they all get up with an angry vibe and throw you out of their town. Turns out they are superstitious towards dragons and you are a bad omen to them. You figure out that you are lucky enough that they just threw you out and nothing else.
Your luck is even worse than Elmer Fudd

Blame the vacation for this article.

 -Esperanza Writes


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