New Beginnings with Esperanza

Tomorrow I start my second course of years 2011/2012. I’m quite happy that my vacation is finally coming to an end and I’m back to my sane self for now. I like to believe that life holds for us many things we do not recognize or we do not expect. There is a new beginning for me tomorrow and I’m loving it’s sensation. Nothing could be incredibly beautiful than a fresh new start. I guess this is what everyone needs every once in a while. A new perspective if needed, a new start, a new day to begin with. Life is beautiful for giving us these opportunities. There is a fairy tale waiting to be written in the beginning of any day and everyday you just have to believe in it.

I don’t know what is waiting for me this course but I do like to hope that this is going to be a wonderful course. I have set my goals right in the core of my heart. What I am wishing for is waiting in those new beginnings. I’m happy and content for who I am for the time being. I really wish that everybody is as enthusiastic as I am for those new beginnings no matter in what form they come in just inhale the fresh clean air and exhale all the past because there is nothing you can do to it.

After all what do we have other than going forward and dreaming?

-Esperanza Writes

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