When You Look Back


I’m not sure where I’m going with this but do please know that whenever I let my writings flow it just has more sense when it all comes to a sighed end. This is not weird it is just my way of doing things. It all comes to this: a spark, a sentence, a paragraph and then a whole new meaning to the world, or to  me only.

Here is where I looked back to things where a small significance like for instance a picture reminded me of it and I can’t help but think how did all this happen? How some people who once upon a time who were in my life is no longer in it and now are just a memory. I keep searching and squeezing my brain of what are the things that I did wrong that made them draw away from me, some sudden and some through time, and I always kept blaming myself for this and try as hard as I can to make it possible but all I get is: I did nothing wrong, in fact it was never me it was always them. I never did them wrong and as much as I tried to blame it on something that I did it was never like that because if I had done something wrong to them I would have been eaten alive by guilt because my nature is always like that: constantly disciplining myself.

Then I realized that their existence in my life and everyone’s existence in our lives has a reason. Every person I say without excluding anyone. That person helped us to not trust anyone because they stabbed us in the back. That person made us realized that they took you for granted and you should never show that to anyone or imply it. That person made us realize that there is still some goodness in life. That person’s smile made our day better.

The list will go on and on once you look back to every inch of a time and know that every person existed in your life with a reason either to teach you a tough life lesson or to show you the morals of life and it just makes you feel that you never have or will regret the time that you met them because if it wasn’t for them you wouldn’t be the person you are now.

Esperanza Writes

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