I have been having trouble with the word “Nemesis“. What does it mean? I’ve been searching the dictionaries for a more easier meaning then what is set but it is too big of a word whose ambiguity reaches to some high ground levels. It means enemy (ies) but is it an abstract or concrete? Or I could be free with my own will to reach a certain meaning? To be frank it is the most devilish word out there, non of its meanings are pleasant (minus the greek goddess “Nemesis” if you are into mythology).

Can you actually come up with an upright decision to what is your nemesis? or who is your enemy to be obvious on what meaning I’m serving here? I thought of this word and every time I think into it two words come to collocate with it.. “One’s self”. It could just be me but I really think that our nemesis is ourselves. We could point out as many enemies in life as we could but in the end the biggest nemesis anyone could face is the one that stands at the other side of the mirror. Those thoughts, ideas, thinking that attract you to the bad side and then you blame it on whomever or whatever it is but not the true nemesis, that how our nemesis is brilliant into deceiving us from the truth.

The nemesis within us is powerful until we admit its existence and believe that we can conquer it, till then our nemesis is not as strong as we thought it was. Till then our nemesis no longer becomes nemesis but the idea that we love the most. Believing in your power and never suppressing your great thoughts to the bad ones. The word nemesis shall not exist in the dictionary.

No one to blame!… That was why most people led lives they hated, with people they hated…. How wonderful to have someone to blame! How wonderful to live with one’s nemesis! You may be miserable, but you feel forever in the right. You may be fragmented, but you feel absolved of all the blame for it. Take your life in your own hands, and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame. LESS

-Esperanza Writes

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