I’ve came across this article and I thought of it as a very well written piece. I mean it ten times better then what I usually write and the ideas there is so appealing and true. I just kept reading it on and on and nodding my head to almost every word. So I thought THIS post needs to be re-blogged and if anything it only indicated that I’m a strong believer to this post as if I wrote it.. but of course I didn’t and I’m a person who just advocates it. One comment though regarding why most Arabs don not read I think it initially the faults of the educators. I mean I was in a private school and we had a full dedicated time to reading and nothing but reading and I think that what made almost all of us book lovers because we experienced the reading even though if it was forcefully at first, we did experience it. Unlike when I transferred schools that had no interest in setting a quality for books only a one or two along myself turned out to be readers. So I think it all comes back to the people responsible for education.

A Better Kuwait

I watched this video, and it made me think of the infinite power that writers possess. What really shook me the most is Adnan Ibrahim saying that the average Arab reads of his own free will for approximately three minutes a year – an utmost tragedy. Yet, I can’t help but wonder who is to blame. The Arab himself for not trying to find the tools to his own liberation, or the government for making the tools seem unappealing? I know people who HATE reading. Even more who actually can’t read. 18 year old full-blooded Arab students who stutter over their words in Arabic class, and use terms like “imaginating” in English class. It would be one thing if they compensated for their lack of Arabic fluency with their English skills, but it’s a total embarrassment when they can’t speak either of the two. Then again, I do have to…

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