Cupid and Psyche

I have a mini presentation regarding “Cupid and Psyche”, which is really easy just saying your opinion (my opinion) on the story in  30 seconds-two minute. Because I have more to insights on the story and I had time to think about it (still didn’t present) I said I might as well write about it. Now “Cupid and Psyche” is a really short story (read about it in Wikipedia or the original story) that was influenced by Greek and Roman mythology and this story later on influenced many fairy tales that are known amongst us including “The Little Mermaid” (The next lines in this paragraph is the summary of the story so if you don’t want to bother skip this paragraph to the next one). The story mainly is about a god “Venus” who got jealous from a mortal “Psyche” because Psyche is extremely beautiful and sends her son “Cupid” to make her be in some sort of curse into marrying a really ugly man but the plan backfires where Cupid gets blind with her beauty, wounds himself with his arrow and falls in love with Psyche. Psyche, unlike her sisters, were unfortunate in her life and didn’t get married till her parents ask one god for help and reasoning and they were told about the curse. Anyway, later on Psyche gets married from Cupid, assuming he is an ugly guy because Cupid refuses for Psyche to see him (yup they are married but she has never seen him) then Psyche chooses to sneak in on him at the middle of the night and see him except the shock is he is EXTREMELY gorgeous and she falls in love with him. Cupid then wakes up and knows he is revealed and gets mad at her and goes away. Psyche could not help it she is in love with him, goes through hell to reach Venus and asks her for Cupid and after miraculous tasks and help from the other gods she is then reunited with Cupid, turned into a god and they lived happily ever after

Now don’t get me wrong I’m a sucker for fairy tales. I would watch/read one after the other and never get sick of them, actually I would go on to search for more and indulge on the happily ever after ending. But reading this story it made me realize massive things that has been given to us without us noticing it. Now you see why does every happy ending happens to those who look beautiful and appealing? Have you ever thought of it? Here is a recap: Cinderella? She is only loved by the Prince because he found her so beautiful, while the step sisters are actually ugly. Snow white? The mains story consists around her beauty and how the queen got envious of her beauty. The sleeping beauty? Well COME ON it is called the sleeping BEAUTY. The list goes on and on and not a single one  of them actually speaks of a girl/guy who is of less beauty. All their features are praised upon and appealed on (yes almost all these fairy tales are influenced by “Cupid and Psyche” to be specific). And only them do actually end up with the perfect ending.

Can you see the issue here? I mean correct me if I’m wrong but the hidden message I’m getting through all this (and probably through almost every movie and record) that if  I am not beautiful I might as well die and be sent to my grave stone. That living a happy life filled with love and hope is actually an impossible reach for those that doesn’t qualify for a beauty pageant. What happened to inner beauty? You don’t actually see those fairy tales talking deeply about how her good personality lead her to a happy life instead of her beauty-ness, the element might be there but it was not the reason. This might as well be the main reason why I see almost every girl out there are obsessed with their appearance. Plastic surgery became the trend and make up are being applied by the gallon. The result is the loss of security.

These are great tales but with bad hidden influences. I do not want my daughter to come out and read those fairy tales and be determined that she has no chance in life because of something she had no hand in it. This needs to be changed. The view is not healthy and we are losing the beauty of the soul because of this. This needs to be challenged in the present and the future. For us, our children.. and the generations beyond.

Note: The course that I’m taking is “Introduction to Comparative Literature” and we are studying the influences of text one of them is how “Cupid and Psyche” influenced “The Little Mermaid” and others, which to say almost irrelative to this article.

-Esperanza Writes

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