11 Ways I Motivate Myself With [Past Post]

Believe it or not I have certain psychological ways to motivate myself into doing what I want to do, for example motivating myself to write this “Post”. Even though I’m not a known figure but I believe simple things leads to extraordinary things:

  1. Set a Goal that you are passionate about: Set a goal right there you wish to achieve you must be passionate about. For example this post is meant to motivate others. I’m truly passionate to motivate others. If there is no passion in the goal that you have set then there is no use for trying to reach that goal.
  2. Choose Words: Choose words that you go by daily bases that motivates you. I for one choose “Hope” and every word meaning that word, “Esperanza” is also a meaning for that word. Keep those words in your mind and make it your motto. Hang it on your mirror if you have to, or anywhere that you always look at.
  3. Look into other’s stories: read people’s stories how they went through struggles and they got past through them. See how they made something out of them when they were nothing. How other people went to severe cases and got over it. Take Chris Garner for one how did he start with no money sleeping in bathroom stalls and now he is a multi-millionaire. If such people could be go past the struggles why not you?
  4. This isn’t the worst case scenario: Whatever you’ve going through right now that makes you un-motivated, remember that you’ve been through worse and you have overcame it, why not this time? If this is the worse you’ve gotten through then go through point #3 again.
  5. Create Supporters: If you don’t have supporters in real life, then make them, imagine them see them in front of you as if they are real. Imagine them cheering for you the whole way you are walking and running to your goal. Keep them beside you at all times.
  6. Create Haters: This may sound odd but this is a bigger motivation then supporters. Think about it once you have haters it is just a bigger push to prove yourself in front of those imaginary haters of yours. I might have real haters but I am yet not aware of them. Haters= motivators
  7. Picture it: Once you have pictured how your goal will be and ideal it is you just thrive to push yourself into reaching it and seeing it for real.
  8. If you fail: If you fail then just keep in mind that failure is just a path to success. No success comes out of the first trail (unless it’s beginner’s luck then that’s another story). You have to try again, again and again in order to perfect it.
  9. Do it for yourself: No matter what you try to do, do it for yourself before others. I want to motivate you because I want to feel the satisfaction of motivating others. You want to do that because you want to feel successful.. and so forth.
  10. Filter Negativity: No matter how much negativity might struck you just filter them out of your system. Make a block between you and that negative way no matter what form it comes in.
  11. Turn things to your advantage: You have this thing that you don’t like? Turn it into your advantage. I wasn’t able to go to some place for example I took it to my advantage and wrote a story of how I idealized that place.
Go through these points and I’m (inshAllah) sure to make you motivated.
-Esperanza Writes

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