Over the past months of come to learn a lot of lessons.. Well it wasn’t just the past month it is probably everyday in my two decades I’ve lived in. But here is this little lesson or two I’ve learned from this year and I learned it the hard way: never trust the internet. Do not get me wrong I love the internet, in fact I think the internet is my shinning armor in a lot of situation but still I must admit after my blog got hacked a few months ago I do not trust it with all  my writings without my insides nudging me to back up everything just in case, even though I totally agree that I need to rebound the trust issues I have with the internet and I’m working on it here.

I also learned that even though internet is a bad boy at times I also believe it is a source of inspiration when I’m feeling inspiration-less. It brings me to those amazing, sometimes simple sometimes not, quotes, pictures, articles.. you name it I say Yes. And I can’t help but be lost in some sort of dream. Except with the internet you can’t actually really bring it with you everywhere and see the things that inspires all the time right? That is when I came up with the idea of printing out the “30 Dr. Sues  quotes that can change your life” list:

At first I was just going to hang it on my bedroom wall than I saw my college file and I thought “Hey! Why wouldn’t I tape it on the file along with other things that I will print.” And that is how I ended up doing a scrap file (First picture above), everybody loved it in college and kept reading what’s on it. I totally loved it and I couldn’t get enough and I said “You know what? I’ll begin my scrap book and the first thing I’ll put is motivational words from my readers! So whenever I look at it I’ll be motivated to do more!” And the next thing I knew I spend the whole weekend working on the scrapbook and my ideas aren’t done yet. I love working with it and I came to the realization the scrapping is an art because everything in it means something no matter how small or big it is. Scrapping everything that comes within site because you think it is so damn nice, in your point of view is raw beauty. Turning a small thing into a master piece is legendary. Those are memories made. And I guess that what keeps us going on the bliss of the memory when we act to it in the right way.

Your words did not go to waste.. it is all in my precious scrapbook. They mean a lot to me.
words also from Imagination and Bero0Q8 🙂 Thank you !!

-Esperanza Writes

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