Outraged Writer

Today I was really hoping to be writing something genuine, since I’ve been slacking in that field and I have no idea what has gone into me. On Mons and Weds I only have one 8 am class which mostly shows why I was really hoping I would use those days into expanding my writings and blog more often and my readers would be satisfied with something light to read. Except that wasn’t the case and you could see how much I’ve been beating up myself, mentally that is, in not writing and the fact my viewers did not come back to the amount it was since I moved from my old blog.

I thought to myself maybe I should sleep on the idea of thinking of what to write about since I’ve bits and bobs about what I write and I somehow believed that I would actually will dream of something, in my nap and Viola would be writing an exquisite article. So did it happen? Not really I woke up forgetting what I actually was thinking of in the first place, which is the bits and bobs. Then I came to wake up (metaphorically) to the fact that this isn’t the case.

You see even though writer’s block is a common cliche around writers but the truth is it doesn’t exist. It is just an excuse used to be forgiven and I no longer (since a long time ago) do not go with it, whenever I have those moments where my brain goes “ZZZzzzzZZ” “Please try again” I know it is not a writer’s block I just need some sort of motivation or I would absolutely say to myself that there must be a reason for this delayed message, yes I’m sorta of a spiritual when it comes to this. I also know that I have the idea or in the matter of fact ideas looping its way around my aphasia like “why do  i think the romantic period is one of its age” or “the misconception of being liberals” (true subjects I’ve been thinking of writing) I just need to sort my way through my ideas and make it neat and find the perfect place and timing to write it in.

Moreover, I realized that I work perfectly great under pressure and I haven’t had that much of pressure this term, with only four subjects to bare and not much viewers to show my masterpieces to I just become another vision of a sloth and then I try to make that up with coming with new projects or doodling around the internet that has nothing to do with what I actually want to do, which is write! Please put me under pressure!!

Lastly, I knew that the first reason why I began writing is for myself and I should constantly remind myself of that fact and the amount of viewers that come to read what I wrote is the  crème de la crème not the main dessert dish. Frankly speaking that even though I write in English I really was hoping that more Arab people would read my things but I know that most not all are not interested in reading in the first place let alone anything written in English, which makes my job even more difficult than it really is. It is like they reach this certain phobia when a blog has a lot words to offer than pictures that are snapped. And I would really like to keep clear the only reason that I would like more Arabs to read my things is that the reading field in that part is not that much of an acknowledged field and nothing else.

-Esperanza Writes

2 thoughts on “Outraged Writer

  1. I think you should write when you feel like it not because you want more viewers or because the readers are getting bored and they want something juicy to read. Sometimes I force myself to write a post that the readers have been waiting for but after reading the post I delete immediately ’cause it doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t feel like it came out from me. So don’t feel your obliged to write anything and besides a loyal follower will be grateful with anything you give like this post which just showed me that I’m not the only one with writing troubles:)


    1. I truly agree with what you say. that is why I said “Lastly, I knew that the first reason why I began writing is for myself and I should constantly remind myself of that fact and the amount of viewers that come to read what I wrote is the crème de la crème not the main dessert dish” and I believe with it first thing is first is that I write for myself and the viewers/readers are a boost to my writing. Nope dear you are not the only one who suffers we all do 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by!

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