The Truth is…

When the world does not make sense and everything around you seems spinning in circles.

When you think of yourself as nobody and everybody at the same time and you might have believed once that you probably have the power to fix everything but then you don’t.

That right then and there you feel helpless and lonely and for some reason life does not come in bright shades but leans towards the darker side.

Somehow somewhere you thought you could grow wings and fly like a little birdie set free, a dove in peace but all you get is a pair of sore feet trying desperately to climb the mountains way up there.

When you see the words forming sentences you cannot figure out and think that maybe you are not smart as you think you were.

That the conflict between materialism and spiritualism keeps haunting you and you keep thinking “am I in trouble for hating and loving at the same time?”

When you cannot reason out evil and goodness existing at the same place, at the same time, in the same person.

When “love” becomes a word and not a feeling in which you would like to live but somehow it feels so far from being held.

When “hate” is the word you loathe but still you hold it.

When stillness and motion are the same word.

When a heartbeat becomes a loud thud!

You think what has become? What am I? Where am I? Is this the truth?

The truth is that answers of all answers is “I Don’t know”

This could be a nightmare in a whilst dream you will eventually wake up from.

It could be reality …but everything will be alright.

It could be exaggeration where life is much simpler.

Everything is possible and nothing is possible.

But here is the conclusion to every truth or false.. to every question beyond question.. to every confusion striking the soul..

I Don’t know.

And yet the truth is … even if I don’t know I’ll keep moving like this is no stormy wind right ahead.. like there is no hole that body will fall in.. like there is no tornado making its way towards… keep moving.

-Esperanza Writes

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