I’m Telepathic

The thing about me is that I am very well driven by my own imaginations since birth until.. well until forever. People usually say that children tend to grow up and they will eventually get over that phase but not with me, not really I never grew up.. I’m still me except I’ve become realistic in some things but not in most things where I still believe I could probably fly one day and you know other imaginary stuff that people call “nonsense”. One of the things that I also believe exists and will reveal it wings is the power of mind.

Ever since I’ve watched “Matilda” I became so fond of the idea that I embraced it in my subconscious for a long time and maybe did an attempt or two in that field but failed and I only believe that I did not master it because of my lack of knowledge and concentration. And ever since I’ve known such thing as mind reading, like Edward from Twilight,  I would want that to be my super power, you know the question where they ask: If you could have one superpower what would that be? My answering would be mind reading, I mean most surely mind reading. Then came the now and this time where I’m a full-grown girl in her twenties (21 in a few days) and I study about parapsychology and telepathy (being able to make mind connections with people read here). Many studies now is trying to develop this theory into reality, that the brain has the superpowers to do such things. Examples such as twins feeling what the other is thinking of, a mother feeling for her children when they are in danger, you think of someone and that someone rings you at the same time are all a leading way to the evolve and acknowledging this science as a living one.

Some people are skeptic about this and say that this is “mere coincidence” yet I am not one of them I truly believe in this and I’m hoping that one day I could exceed it. Today I was waiting for my friends outside their class I looked down to the people below and tried sending them mental messages that “I am looking at you, look up” I told my friends after they went out and we got a good laugh, of course they mocking me with it and me persisting that I believe in it. They asked “well did they look at you?” I replied, “Well, no and that is only because I did not exceed my powers just yet.” Anyway they gave me a “mental hug” (how awesome!!) and we got great laughs out of it telling me not to tell anyone of what I believe in, and I followed just that advice and told no one.. which is true I only wrote it I did not tell right? ;p

How about you? What are your insights do you believe in the existence of such thing or not? Throw in your thoughts freely.. prove or disprove what I just said.. it is your opinion 🙂

-Esperanza Writes

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