Is Instinct an Answer?: Schizoanalysis and Method: An Incomplete Project

“Is instinct an answer?” was the question I asked myself after listening to a mind blowing lecture under the title of “Schizoanalysis and Method: An Incomplete Project” by  Ian Buchanan. At first I he tried with a very complex idea of explaining Deleuze and Freud which is really complicated for me to explain because I did not really get it. After that he started to simply things into what we desire in life.

He completed on saying that we want to obtain is because of desire rather than pleasure to make it simpler for you for example you want a certain object let say a t-shirt it is not pleasure that leads you to wanting it rather than desire because once you have it there is no pleasure in after some amount of time. Basically desires is the key to everything whether abstract or concrete. In order to understand your desires better and to make your life easier (or harder according to how you see it) there are three concepts that you go through and ask yourself. 1. Assembly, 2.Abstract Machine (logic), 3. Nature of feeling. Just to simplify those three concepts for you, because I didn’t understand them at first as well, go through the drill of the following questions:

  1. Why these things? (What is it about this thing that I find desirable?)
  2. Why do I even care?
  3. Could I obtain that feeling in something else?

When going through those three concepts you then realize whether the things you want (again abstract or concrete) is really worth everything thing else or maybe do you actually desire it as much as you thought. Is that Prada purse what I desire? Or is that Mini cooper what I really desire? and so forth. You will find later on that “Just because..” was just an excuse and there is no such thing as just because but there is more meaning and depth to it. The prior examples I’ve set are just mini things in life but the point behind all this actually to make your vision of your life in particular to be clearer and to omit the things that you later on see that you do not desire.

At the end of the lecture I realized that I am a person that relies so much on “instinct”. If my instinct says so I would go behind it without further explanation knowing that this is the right thing. So I asked him “Could an answer to (why do I desire this?) be instinct? Could such an answer be possible? And could we look at it more analytically and find meaning behind it?” He basically answered the following: that there is a huge discussion to answer this but briefly when you look into Freud and Deluze they do not see such things as instinct in fact instinct does not exist in their concept. That is what time gave us as an answer however I’m not convinced by this answer as I said I am a huge believer of instinct. I told a friend that I didn’t like his answer, not that I’m not open but because I did not find his answer convincing, she said that once I take “Literary Critsism and Theory” class I would understand that, which I did not take yet. Due because I still yet did not take it yet I am still thinking of it “Could instinct be an answer? and Why do I believe in it? What does instinct mean?”

What Do you think? Thoughts? Anyone?

p.s:  he has different lectures today and tomorrow if you’re interested link.

-Esperanza Writes

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