What Does it Mean to be 21 Years Old?

Yes today, April 14th 2012, I turn 21 and I have this huge impulse to share with everyone out there what does it mean to be 21. Let is just sort things out that being the years before being 20 was just like being 16 was just like being 10.. All have no big of a difference and so is being 21 except for a few minor changes and should be’s when you come to this age. Other than the usual cliche: Today you are the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest that you’ll ever be, there is other things (just to point out this is kind of a depressing quote it is like you will go: Whaaaaaaaat?? I’m not going to be young again?):

  1. According to my beloved country, Kuwait, you are totally allowed to vote for the members of the parliament. So as if now I’m legally allowed to vote.. and my vote counts. Only one small problem or two. The next parliament isn’t due until four years later, so being 21 is not a count now or by some miracle the parliament would need to be re-electing (let’s hope not). The other I don’t really want the responsibility of voting unlike others I do take this matter seriously because under this single vote lies many changes to this country, who wins and who doesn’t, and due to myself who hates politics in general I would have to force myself into seeing who is worthy and who is not of my vote.. Conclusion: Not looking forward to it.
  2. I’m legally allowed IN OTHER countries to drink, and I do not mean drink hot chocolate or coffee.. tsk tsk get the humor side of me.

    I’m the kid on the right
  3. According to my bank I am not allowed to get a Visa card/internet buying card until I’m 21<<< that I’m looking forward to.. oh the things I will get to buy from amazon. Amazon I’ll be your favorite customer.
  4. I’m in full custody of myself.. meaning I’m considered as an adult and if I commit a crime I wouldn’t put in the kids prison but in the scary big one and if I do something right I won’t be getting a little star-shaped sticker in my notebook. I’m legally legal to exist.. or something like that.

    Amazing how little things like these used to be a big deal
  5. According to universal colleges I should be graduating by next year hence only one year left to graduate. But according to KU (Kuwait University) it is ok if I’m 21 now and I won’t be graduating for a possible two or three years more. No problem 🙂

I’m not really sure what more than this list could bring to hand .. Right now I think I’ve just been struck by reality that I’m actually no longer 16 .. I mean 20. Oh god I think I’m growing wrinkles (does wrinkles grow?) the next thing you’ll hear is that I’ve reached 100 years old. Times flies fast. What can 22 bring more to this?

p.s: Please note down that number 2 is a joke. I know that drinking is not only harmful but also haram and I do not intend to drink .. not now not later. I do not advocate it at all.

-Esperanza Writes

8 thoughts on “What Does it Mean to be 21 Years Old?

    1. first of all have the decency to talk in a decent way. Second of all I didn’t say i am a grammar savvy, I do agree that my grammar is not that well but the point of this blog is the literature not some structural elements. I write raw, meaning whatever I write I do not review and edit it but I publish right away, in which some mistakes are left unnoticed. This is my style if you don’t like it don’t read it. Nobody is triggering you with a gun to read it.
      Save your valuable time with something you approve of and like instead of writing such comment that is free with respect. I recommend you go back to KG and learn your manners all over again.

  1. I turn 21 tomorrow the 8th of October, which is approximately 1 and half hours away and I feel like 21 is a big deal and maybe I should be feeling different, wiser perhaps or I just don’t know… I try to think back to when I was 16 to remember what I wanted to be or how I wanted to feel when I turned 21 n I come up with nothing, but I’m sure that’s just a case of poor memory. So that leads me to doing an internet search on what does 21 mean and here I am reading your blog which is really interesting as opposed to the powerball results that turned up in the search engine along with your blog. We have vast differences in my county which by the way is South Africa to yours.. We can vote when we are 18 (however I’m yet to cast my first vote) . Our legal drinking age is also 18. So basically I became an adult 3 years ago and 21 just has no significance.

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