China has Two Suns

Today I was enthusiastically told by a friend from college a breaking news event. She excitedly said, “Have you heard of the two suns?’ My first reaction was “Huh?”. Exactly what anyone would react to such news but apparently not many that knows about this bizarre thing specifically in the middle east.

The two suns appeared about a few weeks ago or so in many cities other than China including Russia and New York (Russia saw it first but nobody believed them until it appeared elsewhere). Most people might probably go “It’s Photoshop for god sake!!” and that is what I said in the fist place, however my friends kind of convinced me that how come the whole world, including China’s large population that would not give in such a prank acknowledges the existence of the second sun. Theories has been set to know what is the second sun and how did it suddenly appear. One theory that is just a reflection from a new planet that is full of ice (does not make sense). Other theories thought that this is actually one of the stars that orbits around the sun that exploded and in a matter of two or three weeks it is going to sink in a black hole yet there is not an accurate theory to this phenomena. (Read Article)

Assuming that the second theory is true many people I’m guessing are willing to travel to see  this second sun before it disappears.

So now there is a plural for sun I may add.

These are videos reporting the new sun:

What do you think?

-Esperanza Writes

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